Hot sauce lovers unite!

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    What you guys got in the sauce department?

    My favourites;

    Some local home brew shit. Great flavour and impossible to over do, yet it retains enough heat to make your moms new boyfriend cry.


    And this shit....So spicy, so good. Really fucking hot sauce is the only way to describe this. :yummy:
  2. Hot sauce rules. I love me some Franks
  3. im a big Louisiana guy. its cheap and i like to drench my food in hot sauce so i stay away from the super spicy expensive bottles. before i started smoking id go through a bottle of Louisiana a week (i cut down so i could taste the bud better). recently i bought the giant bottle (32 FL OZ) at walmart for $2.50 or something. when i finish the bottle im thinking about turning it into a bong. i mean its perfect. ill just drill a hole in the red dot on the logo for the down stem.


    one time i bought a 4 pack of retarded hot hot sauces. they were just little sample bottles. i had a little drop of the hottest one on my finger and touched it to the tip of my tongue... i was crying for 15 minutes. never touched the stuff again lol. my friend wouldnt even try it after that...
  4. I like Sriratcha hot sauce - gotta be the Flying Goose brand. TryMe Tiger Sauce is good too.
  5. I put that shit on everything
  6. I love hotsauce I literally drink it
  7. I put hot sauce on just about everything but sweets ha ha,my favorite brand is any of them.
  8. oh god i forgot to mention how amazing Louisiana is when you baked. its like a flavor explosion on your tongue!
  9. Tobasco, Franks Extra Hot, Tobasco Chipotle, Franks Wing Sauce.
  10. [​IMG]
    hottest in my fridge atm
  11. I love sriratcha soo good put it on everything after i stole a bottle from noodles and company
  12. Im a Louisiana brand and Sriracha guy because everytime I try and branch out.... I find awesomesauce but then can never remember the name or something stupid:eek:


  13. i have a bottle of that stuff. it has a sweet taste to it which kinda ruined it for me. that and its a bit too spicy to use a lot which is what i like to do.

  14. Its personally fav for use in ramen with some 'Merican sheeese. Munchie food to the max:hello:
  15. Sriracha, tabasco, and franks dont have the heat required for me to get off these days. I need some of that specialty shit.

    Going to try my hand at making some dried chillis sometime this week. Thinking Habanero chipotle if I can find them fresh. Maybe some ghost pepper olive oil as well.

    Nothing goes better on a pizza then chili oil
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  16. making your own hot sauce is so legit. my friend and i made some. our original plan was to make high hot sauce with cannaoil but do to the popularity of our idea of making hot sauce too many people wanted to try it so we had to do boring sober hot sauce -_-
  17. [​IMG]

    I stick with this. Yes, I know, typical ordinary hot sauce, but I like the taste.. I put it on pretty much anything I eat.

    Since I've been eating healthy it really adds what I need to the food without adding fat.
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    Not a big Tabasco fan but I do love me some Tapatio

  19. Franks xtra red hot

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