Hot Pizza: A Forbidden Fruit...

Discussion in 'General' started by WookiesAreCool, May 25, 2006.

  1. Whether you get it delievered, bake it in an oven, heat it up in a microwave, or God forbid, drive and pick it up, pizza is a food that can be enjoyed by anyone at any walk in life. It can be enjoyed with so many things, and so many beverages, it is glorious.

    Though every once in a while it happens, you go and grab a plate, eye that first slice, and hope your buddy doesn't take it as you reach in, and throw the slice on your plate and take that first bite. You can taste all the sauce and toppings, but then it hits you, this is burning the shit out of my mouth, and then you do anything to cool your mouth down. You try the "reverse blow", and finally you put the slice down and know how good it tastes, but you can't have it. It is the ultimate tease, delicious food is seperated from you by only one thing, pain. It finally cools down after many unsuccessful bites, and you enjoy your pizza, but you remember with great pain, the wait that had been made for that slice of pizza.

    Shit I'm stoned
  2. :laughing: I hate when I burn the roof of my mouth, that shit drives me crazy
  3. i intentionally buy pizza then stick it in the freezer. i like cold pizza better. wayyyyy better.
  4. I like getting like 3 slices and stacking them and eating them.

    It's like a melted cheese sandwich with pepperoni!
  5. this is one of those things, that no matter where you are from, any walk of life, you can appreciate. Ive met people from many other countries, and have had this conversation many times. God damn you cheese/sauce burn, god damn you.

  6. Haha this is what i think about when I smoke a fat bowl and make pizza. :smoking:

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