Hot neighbours showering

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Mr O, May 3, 2011.

  1. Alright so I was weight-lifting this afternoon in my muscu room upstairs, with the curtains wide open to get some sun. So I was workin' out when all of a sudden i look out the window to see the neighbours' girl showering, washing her boobs looking out her own window. So quickly, obviously, i throw myself on the ground so she doesn't see me, but her window was all blurry so i don't think she could see me, so I kept looking until she came out, which was a good 15-20 minutes later, i've never expected her to have boobies like this!

    It's pretty funny though, because i went to highschool with her older brother a year ago or so :laughing:

    That made my day, gotta love them boobs :D
  2. Pics or it didn't happen.
  3. Isn't that called a peeping tom?
  4. pics plz
  5. How old was she? Ima crack up when he posts saying she's like 12.
  6. Nah dude you got it all wrong shes 14. Damn what kind of a sicko you think i am.

  7. lmao she's 17, atleast. Her bro was older then me even if we were in the same grade, because he failed a year or two i think lol :cool:
  8. Hey man were not judging you but jesus wasn't born/dead on the correlating ac/bc years in books either. Either way nice something like this happening to me would make me just want to pull up a chair and watch obviously.

  9. Hey man sorry but i didn't understand what the fuck that was supposed to mean lol :confused:

  10. Same lol.
  11. lol born/die i hate explanations. IT SHOULD MAKE SENSE. So he says shes 17...doesn't mean shes actually 17 get the analogy no yes? great....
  12. The only way that's not creepy is if you're underage yourself...

  13. sorry man...that still doesn't make sense to me :p

    I'm 18
  14. FUDGE YOUR MUFFINS. Seriously stick fudge on them then eat them it will add a delicate taste that is non normal. Eh its not creepy considering. Nice.?
  15. damn you should go talk to her
  16. ........................................

    I hate that feeling when someone is watching me shower.

    But at least peeping brings happiness in the world, or something... Really, all one has to do is go to a nude beach or a party and tits will be revealed. But I guess that whole "lucky-surprise" thing isn't included in that. *shrug*
  17. yea bro, ALOT of girls in my highschool are pretty hot and have the nicest ass or boobies.

    My friend just turned 18, and her boobs are as big as melons and shes slim with a phat ass. Shes mixed, lightskin, ; but i would hit it.

    Gotta love god's work :rolleyes:
  18. ^^^^

    what Djace said

    ring her doorbell, and when she answers say "Through your open window, I watched you shower the other day... I really like your boobs, so nice and supple, also I would like to know if you wanna hang out sometime??"

    If you say this, you will get that pussy, no doubt

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