Hot girls are so f'ing stupid

Discussion in 'General' started by Murs, Sep 25, 2010.

  1. Obviously not all of them but how many times have you seen some dumb bitch get into an obviously meaningless relationship...break up... get back together and think everything is great....break up again and be like "I dont need you blah blah blah"....then get back together anyways and be all like :D... break up again....get back together....break up....get back...

    These kind of girls are all over my facebook putting up dumbass song quotes and switching relationship status's every 5 minutes pissing me off. I'm hoping girls eventually stop being dumbasses as they get older and it's only a highschool/early college kinda thing.
  2. Ah highschool.
  3. jersey shore.
  4. Introduce them to the ganja?

  5. Damn true...just go's to show you hot dumb girls are hot dumb girls for life.
  6. Aren't most high schoolers pretty stupid, and not just the hot girls?

  7. Those bitches aren't even hot...Jersey Shore will be the DOWN FALL OF HUMANITY

    Some of the smartest girls I know are also the hottest....It might be like something in the water[​IMG]....
  8. That's why you date women;)
  9. Hot chick walks up to me

    stares for 5 minutes...

    "you're not Mikey"

  10. honestly it's all women. Don't get me wrong, I don't hate women, nothing better than a woman however, i'm willing to believe that it's a woman's logic that doesn't go well with a guy's way of thinking. Like I talked to this girl today on the phone who told me she'd rather be stressed out and miserable than to come hang out for a bit. I.E to smoke andn chill.

    Seriously, how retarded can you be? To rather be miserable and Stressed...smfh
  11. not my girl. my girl is hot as fuck and smarter than me!

    but its not just hot girls that are stupid, its the general public. just stupid little teenagers who will turn into stupid adults.
  12. I totally agree with you.
    That shit happens all the time haha

  13. [​IMG]
  14. i don't care who you are but that thing is not hot, no way
  15. nothing in this entire world is worse than materialistic, egotistical, spoiled, fake tanned, idiots.

    id honestly rather be a jew in a room of nazis than spend one minute with anyone like that.
  16. Women think with more emotion, men think with more cold intellect. It's just the way the species is. You ever do some really dumb shit that you regret when your mad? Well that's how a woman thinks almost all the time, making decisions based more on emotions then reason.
  17. When it comes to girls, sometimes you gotta give up substance to achieve beauty. Some of us have both :)
  18. I watch Jersey Shore


  19. Seriously? No, you wouldn't.

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