Hot Girl w/ Cancer lookin for Bud Buddys

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  1. Hi Everyone,

    I wanted to stop by and introduce myself. Im 25 and I have had cancer for about 5 years now. I have been smoking weed for a few years now for my cancer. i was actually given the medical marijuana card a while back when livin in another state but i now live in one where it isnt allowed.

    i was hoping i could make some bud buddys who have nice green thumbs. Maybe someone who wouldnt mind talkin back n forth with me. id like to grow one little plant just for me. I am getting sicker n i cant work. Smoking the exotics is killing my pocket.

    Anyone out there that wants to or can help me???

  2. damn cancer at 25.....that must be a major drag(pun not intended) if your not jerkin our chains.....

    im guessing youre Hispanic based on your name.
  3. shhiit, you NEED to grow..take a look at all the stickies in the indoor or outdoor sections, harvesting and curing sections aswell. You should make the best of your time imo and growing is a good hobby! :]
  4. so what would an ugly girl with cancer do? lol

    anyways, welcome to gc. dig around the growing section, there's plenty of info there :smoke:
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    Yes I am puerto rican. I am 25 and i haveovarian cancer. trust me ppai.. i wouldnt lie about something like that. honestly i am scared sh*t of even being on this site for fear of getting in trouble for asking what i am asking. i just need help. i dont know how to do any of this.
  6. yeah edit youre dont wanna ask for anything here anyway...rules and such. your best bet is finding someone you know that smokes. maybe they'll hook you up with their connect.
  7. if you're looking to grow, visit the grow section.
    there's plenty of helpful threads and blades that i'm sure would be willing to help you out.
    starting with the stickies in absolute beginners would probably be your best bet if you don't know what you're doing.

    welcome to the site. :)
  8. yeah....growing it is actually easier than i though it would be. thats probably plan b if you cant get a connect.
  9. Thank you Jaded. Like i said im just nervous about being on this site... but i cant take it anymore and the pain n nausea tends to be unbareable. all other medications cause bad side effects.. ugh

  10. Mimo...

    Like everyone else in NYC i could make a call n have it delivered to my door step. problem is im too sick to work n im on limited income now...
  11. Have you looked into Hemp Oil to treat your cancer? People have reported success with Ovarian cancer. Phoenix Tears - Promoting Hemp Oil as a natural healing agent... has how to make it.
  12. Hope you find some bud and get better, mamii! ..
  13. thank u Galli. I appreciate it. :D Keep in touch! I think i found my new fav site.

    Mimo- I have fam in Humacao n Arecibo but my family is mainly from Mayaguez
  14. truth...get well. hope you beat that shit.

  15. oh, i wouldn't be too nervous about it.
    even if cops were watching, there's likely not much they'd be able to do about it.

    besides, even if they did and could nail people on this site, there's plenty of other members that i'm sure they'd go after first. ;) :p
    just don't start announcing all your personal information to the world and you should be good to go.

    it really is a damn shame you can't smoke a fucking plant freely to relieve your symptoms, though. :mad: ah, the world we live in, eh... :rolleyes:

    anywho, i wish you luck with your battle with cancer, and your growing endeavours if you do go through! hope to see you around this site more. :wave:
  16. its a sad world where a cancer patient has to worry about asking how to get medication. Good luck with your grow and your fight with cancer. My 68 year old grandmother just beat cancer, it was tough but she pulled through. I hope that with help from the herb you can do the same. :smoke:
  17. wish i could help.. your smart and fine
  18. I would suggest smoking out of a vaporizer(Much Healthier). And to grow yourself is easy, and it can be cheap if your just trying to supply yourself. As for the sickness,just keep a positve( and buzzed) sense about you and I am sure everything will be just fine. Keep in touch and Gods speed. Peace
  19. Hope you get healthy! Definitely smoke out of a vaporizer.
  20. You should move out of usa; most other countries in the world would give you proper financial aid - usa sucks at that.. Move to Amsterdam ;)

    Also, you shouldn't be afraid of posting here - as long as you don't ask for contact details or give out your own (forum rules) you should be safe. Nobody can trace you and even if they could, these forums are installed on a dutch server. Also, thanks to freedom of speech you can discuss anything without getting caught. Remember, none of us here really smoke - this is just a forum where we pretend we grow and smoke ;)

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