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Discussion in 'General' started by KeepSmokinReefa, Jun 5, 2006.

  1. Who loves hot/spicy food?

    I mean real hot food, Mouth burnin shit.

    My mouths on fire, Im sweating.

    From hot salsa.

    My brother makes his own salsa, Grows his own peppers.

    Jalapeno pepeprs aient shit, His pepers way hotter.

    Like Cherry Bombs, Shits crazy hot.

    I guess its the spanish in me, But i love spicy food that makes ya sweat.

    Im eatin homemade salasa and tortilla chips.

    Ya'll like spicy shit? Like waht?

    Shit, Cant forget stuff like taquitos and everything covered in salsa. Amazing.
  2. Homemade salsa and chips is my favorite food, salsa's gotta be real spicy and chunky too:hello:.
  3. I'll have pictures tommrow.

    Im to fucked up to upload em tonight.
  4. Picture's of salsa? lol, you must be bored. :p
  5. Love spicy foods and love salsa and nachos. Delicious i could prob. eat a whole bag and jar of salsa in one sitting stoned if i had the chance :)
  6. i love salsa and i love barbeque....spicy food is the shit
  7. I love spicy food in every form. my favorite though is asian spicy food. The spicies they use are the shit! The kind that get into your sinuses and just fuck you up. It's such a rush to take an eggroll, smoother it in the mustard and eat it... It feels like a million tiny things fucking your sinuses!!! I love it... and then some wasabi, or thai cooking. hell yeah.

    But then salsa is the next best, a nice spicy salsa on some enchelada's or what not. fuck yeah!
  8. mmmm cajun spicy
  9. hell yea man, i love spicy shit. but a good hot, with flavor. some shit is just hot with no good flavor....that shit sucks.
  10. i fucking love spicy food. ESPICALLY when im baked. oh man im part italian and i love italian food. spicy sweet sausage is soooo good.

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