hot damn i'm sexy xD

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    this is going to be a hot valentines day :devious:
    and yes, i know it was yesterday,
    but my girl is coming over today,
    and it is going to be awesome :hello:
    she better appreciate it lol :p
  2. Awl how sweeet!
  3. Awwwwwww the superficial demos of emotion! How tweet!
  4. haha

  5. shit, that sushi looks good, though!
  6. mmmmm sushi sounds awesome right now
  7. mmm. Nice, like the combination. you should be gettin some Vag with that
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    clit bumpin is about to happen...... wtf is xD?

    ps id read the breakup makeup thread haha
  9. xD is a smiley lol.
    it's eyes are scrunchy because it's smiling lol.
    yeah, today was great lol xD
    we both accidentally got drunk off the champagne
    and i toked some
    and it was fun.
    and the sushi was yummy xD
  10. wow you're a keeper, I love doing nice things for women, but I love it when a girl will take over once in a while and plan things for me :) makes for a nice surprise
  11. Fuck now I want sushi.
  12. it was yummy :D
    i want more now.
  13. wow i want sushi too, it's been quite a while...
  14. i want the champagne!two glasses though are like the bottle.

    and on was a very common yet sweet move.
    itd be even better and less corny if you randomly did that
    and not because of valentines day

    glad you had a great time
  15. u know what they say...if it smells like fish its a good dish

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