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Hot Boxing - Does it get you more high?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by keno, Aug 31, 2007.

  1. OK I realize that logically it would flow that if you close off your space and "hot box" your car or bathroom or etc. that you should get more high, right? Certainly people seem to think so.

    My question though is this: does it really get you any more high than normal smoking?

    I mean we all know that when you take a hit and hold it in you absorb all the THC possible within 3-8 seconds, so when you exhale there shouldn't be any THC left, right? And you're basically just hot boxing with smoke and no THC?
  2. Im sure it does a very small amount to get you more stoned. But just the atmosphere around you being filled with smoke is just a good feeling which im sure makes you feel more high.
  3. i think there was just a thread about this like a week or two ago
  4. Sorry bashthefash, I wasn't on this forum a week or two ago. I'll use the search function next time :eek:
  5. haha i NEVER rember about the search funtion just figured all your answer would be this if this was ignored.
  6. no it just makes you smell like weed for a much much longer time
  7. hotboxing is fun i dont care if ppl say it doesnt get u more high. it gets you more happy. lol.
  8. i dont think it makes a differance, but its always fun!
  9. i have hotboxed cars with friends inside who arent ssmoking at the time and they always end up getting at leaast a little baked, so there's still gotta be more thc left in the air. It probably helps a little but not enough to make too much of a difference
  10. it gets you high, its like being soaked in smoke, there is nothing scientific to it, just you have to smoke MORE weed to get a good hotbox going, so...ya
  11. yeah I have to agree with Buzzwell .... If just simple Science Indiands use to throw the weed in a fire and inhaled the fumes so they didnt smoke it and they still got high so It makes sence that being in a room/car/Tree house/Porta Potty filled with smoke Ihaling it gets u Higher

    Hotbox = (*__*)
  12. I always hotbox my car after work, my washroom when I take a bath or shower (slightly trickier with a shower, but still not too difficult), my tiny-ass bedroom or the hall closet which has roughly the space of a large refrigerator. I can't rightly say whether or not it actually does get you more fucked up, but it seems to.
  13. qft!!
  14. I have never heard it called "Hotboxing."

    I always clambake my car.

    In fact, I clambake anything that I can whenever I can... Makes me happy.

  15. dude just think about it, the blunt or whatever your smoking is still burning the whole time your smoking right? so there is still thc flowing around somewhere.. that is why the other people get alittle buzzed also. and plus its like 400 times more fun.

    we always hit up the backroads with the windows up and a blunt. thats just how we roll in hempfield. (hence the name):smoking:
  16. Wow we do to, i love to see how smoky your car or bathroom gets, like a sign that You did it right.
  17. If your mother toked while she was pregnant would the unborn baby get clambaked in the womb?:confused:
  18. there is still THC inn the smoke.

    My friend Drew and I hotboxed her ford focus with two dank joints, and her younger cousin was in the backseat (she had never smoked before) and she got high within 20 minutes.
  19. Nah.. just because there's thc in the smoke doesn't mean that you inhale it before it sticks to something in the car. All hotboxing does is make you smell like weed for a lot longer. You barely even breathe in any of the smoke lingering..

    No but in theory they could get high since mother and baby share blood, maybe being predisposed to thc as a baby can affect your tolerance later in life? Or maybe that's how some people get high as hell the first time they smoke?

  20. Ummm, I have preexposed to meth in the womb( yes im a freakin crack baby)

    it left me with symtoms similar to ADHD, i had a crazy brain scan thing(mRI i think) andmy brain looked similar to a meth user( in some ways)

    they also said they could tell i smoked pot( i did not tell them) becasue the activity in the part of the brain where the short term memory is was "clouded"

    they proceeded to explain to me, that i could be addicted to stimulants easier than the normal person.

    and if your brain is not used to being alterd you wont notice it, the first time i drank, i had like 5 shots, and didnt realy notice i was buzzed, becasue i didnt know what buzzed was then.

    so ya i have no idea where i am going with this

    and if a women is pregnet, anything she ingestes the baby ingestes,
    so i was high for like 9 months,,,, more like 8 actualy

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