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Hot Box The Car

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by t0ker, Jan 31, 2004.

  1. What's the best solution to remove the smell after puffing the night before?
  2. burnt weed is hard to get out of fabrics, because no matter what u do it still has a tint of the smell. The best you can do is spray febreeze on seats and ceiling, spary and/or cologne and leave windows down a bit. We also had this aromatic body spray which we put on in the ventilation things and then turned on the a/c. Worked great!
  3. Drive around a bit with the windows down. It'll clear it right up.
  4. rules the universe, nothing can beat febreze...not even a car that smells like

    FEBREZE IT!!!!!!
  5. Well what u should of done right when you were done is roll down and open all windows and fly around the city for a while. another way is febreeze but then you gotta spend money which sucks because you could of used the money for weed.
  6. I'd say if its your parents car or something (not saying it is) you prolly shouldn't hotbox it, becasue its really hard to get all the smell out by the morning from the night before, if you febreeze the shit out of it, then they will know something is up, and if you don't, then it smells like pot

    If I were to hotbox my rents car, I would drive around with the windows down for like 3 min afterwards.... no biggie
  7. I dont know how to spell it but its something like OZIUM. It neutralizes the smell of smoke. I used to salways bake my dads truck and that stuff removes the smell completely. You can find it at most head shops.
  8. Ok I got the #1 solution if you are in a jam.
    When I was younger and driving my mom's truck, I would drop her off at work and then drive on to school. Well one day I decided I needed a bowl after I got out of school. So I box that fucker like there's no tomorrow. Well in my stoned state I realize the smell will be in the truck and I have to pick my mom up in a few minutes. I had some cologne (which i kept in the glovebox for when i toke before school) but I knew my mom would ask why her vehicle smelled like cologne. So I'm driving down the road and I see a sign from God. It was an automatic car wash. So i deposit my money for the el cheapo wash. and drive up. After the wash is over it blows the car dry. So, I just roll down the windows while its got that super blower blowing the car clean and it blows through and the smell is gone.

    A good solution to a big problem.
    I picked her up 5 min later and she couldn't smell a thing.

    Keep Tokin
  9. yeah, drivin on a back road (speeding lol) with the windows down airs it right out..... unless it was a mega hotbox that left resin on the windows.... ive seen that on my friends jeep before, not pretty
  10. one more vote for febreze. it works wonders.
  11. If you have leather though. Good luck. I hate having fucking leather seats :mad:

  12. works until you go to the wash that uses those huge airplane tubines to dry your car... i wouldnt roll my window down on those fcukers
  13. i think thats what hes talkin about.... those turbo dryer things....

    ive done the exact same thing just for the hell of it... and holy shit... dont have any loose paper or magazines anywhere in the car cause it goes WILD... its like driving in a hurricane with the windows down.... fuckin crazy.... makes your eyes hurt too, drys them out in seconds.... if i did it again i'd wear goggles.... :smoke:

  14. Ungrateful rich kid. Hah, just playing.
  15. Step 1. Roll Up the Windows

    Step 2. Spark Blunt

    Step 3. Smoke Blunt

    Step 4. Out Blunt

    Step 5. Roll down windows

    Step 6. Light cigarette

    Step 7. Drive around with windows down and cigarettes lit

    Step 8. Get head and be happy

  16. autowash is now my new blazin spot.... haha

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