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Hot Bong Water

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by GanjaNovice, Aug 9, 2011.

  1. I can't really find to many threads that discuss the temp. of bong water...

    But, whenever I load up a Bong (usually homemade ones, but I use cheap acrylic or glass sometimes that usually don't belong to me) I always love to have SCALDING hot water... :devious:

    I'm talking so hot that you gotta hold the bottom of it with a towel or your shirt or something so it won't burn your bare hands....

    Usually I get it to about the heat where it jussst starts burning your hands a bit... and I gotta keep changing hands... or like I said earlier.. hold it with something around your hands to protect them... :smoke:

    And despite most of what I have read saying that ice cold water gives the best hits, hot water is so smooth, that its almost like breathing in shower vapor. (when you take a hot shower... that warm, water vapor fog that fills up the room)

    what do you guys think? Are me and my friends the only ones who like warm to hot water in their waterpipes or bongs? :confused::bongin:

    * I have read that the reason smoke makes you cough is due to the "drying effect" it has on the lungs... not how hot the smoke is.*

    * Also, would any of you more experienced tokers say that you would lose any potency from the smoke?*
  2. why would you want the water hot,,, u sir are dumb

  3. how? the smoke turns into a smokey, moist, vapor... thats soooo smooth
  4. Wow, no need for that bro...
    Some people do like their water hot, I never tried it though, I'm scared it might scorch my throat since I'm not used to it...
  5. I'm not a fan of burning my throat, no thanks mane.
  6. you need ICE to cool FIRE, know what i mean?

  7. naw dog you won't burn your throat... its like... a smokey tasting version of the fog that fills the room when you take a hot or warm shower... and im sure everybody has breathed that in if you've ever taken a hot shower... or even bath...

    its SOOOO smooth I can't even tell you... the smoke when you use hot water is SOO smooth
  8. when i smoke from a bong, i load that shit up with cold water and tons of ice. i don't know why you would want the water so hot it's dangerous to touch, man
  9. I've never actually tried it but I've seen people saying before on the forum that hot bong water the smoke turns to vapor and like the OP mentioned it is a very smooth hit. I haven't seen anyone who actually tried it say that it burns.
  10. *Spills scalding hot bong water all over self*

  11. Agree with the op, not scalding hot but the hottest from the tap. The hot water cools the smoke and takes out more heavy particles like tar.

  12. You don't get it scalding like the op said, I'm sure he just meant the hottest from the tap. Just try it next time and be converted forever.

  13. Just made me think twice about doing this.
  14. I might have to try that.

    I put my ash catchers in the freezer for a few minutes today, that was pretty awesome. Wouldn't advice it, cause I only did it for a few minutes and I think twice as long would've busted it. But I didn't even feel the hit. Super smooth.

  15. word... someone gets it ;) its like a hit of smooth, smokey tasting shower vapor... i dont know why people are saying that it will burn you... its about the same, if not cooler, than regular smoke... its just that hot water makes vapor... and with water vapor blended into the smoke, you can count on a hit thats easy on the lungs... not to mention it filters better like you said
  16. I only use hot water for my bong the water vapor cools that smoke like no other all my friends laugh at me but then I have them try it and they only use hot water but I dont use water that is too hot to handle just semi warm :smoke:
  17. I've done the hot water thing... It works.. BUT im to lazy to wait for the water to heat up. If the waters a little warm right outta the faucet then so be it but otherwise I just go to the sink turn it on and fill my Bubbler.
  18. hot water is actually pretty great, i've used it many times.
  19. Never tried it but i guess now I got to.

  20. That's exactly what it feels like, a deep breath while you're in a hot shower.

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