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  1. Well i have a 400 metal halide light with a fan shooting at it to cool it down and i just recently added a 600watt hps to the mix and this brought my degrees up from 85 to around 95 i have fans blowing on both of them to cool them down a bit and i also have ac in the room set to 75 which isnt helping much, i was wondering if anyone had any suggestions about cooling my room down thanks. also what effects does a steady 95 degrees have on the plants im growing? Its about 10 degrees cooler when i shut the light off.
  2. you probably have noticed some heat stress/damage anything over 85 and its going to damage the plant or stunt the growth of it. turn your ac to 60 or as low as it goes and get a cool tube/ better exhaust fan
  3. eh i see spots on some of the leaves as far as growing its growing about .75 inches a day iits a sativa from bag seed which the weed probably came from south america or something and those plants are use to high temperatures. Im worried about when my new seeds come in afghan kush x yumboldt. As far a cooltube im looking at them on ebay will any cooltube fit my 600 watt hps? Thanks for the help guys.
  4. yep it will, i have same setup 600w hps with cooltube and flex tubing
  5. is it difficult to put the cooltube on?
  6. nope, is actually very simple
  7. i have a cool tube and it lowered my temps by about 10 deg. I recommend one highly.
    you connect your inline fan to it and direct the exhaust outside.
  8. you also need the PULL the air across the bulb, not push it across it using a inline fan... that will greatly help the temps of the bulb as well as extend the life of your bulb
  9. I'm not arguing with you here, but rather trying to understand. Why does it makes a difference in push vs pull as long as the air is moving across the light and expelling hot air outside? Other than possibly a slightly higher ambient temperature when the air enters the hood due heat from the fan, I cant seem to think of a reason. I really am just trying to understand the science behind it, not contradicting you.
  10. inline fans are much more efficient when pulling not pushing air. setting it up with your fan sucking air through your cooltube will extend the life of your equipment and means your fan doesnt have to work as hard to get the job not sure of the science of it.............................but its like that.........................and thats the way it is lol
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    What does that have to do with the life of the bulb? Fan - yes, pulling through a filter is better than pushing - but the bulb??
  12. i never said the bulb someone else did....i meant extraction equipment ie inline fan will last longer, which it will aslong as its sucking air and not blowing it
  13. On my phone, so this is just the short answer

    First forcing air into a air cooled reflector is never a good idea, you loose precious cfm and it could cause a stink (if you filter is on the wrong side)

    Forcing air across the bulb creates some sort of pressure on the bulb. that with extreme heat has been known to cause bulbs to explode. not fun smoking glass if it exploding bulbs rupture your reflector glass.

    I can find a thread that documented several bulbs that blew up in a row, them switched his fan placement and never had a problem well as cooler temps....

    Hope I spelled it out, if not feel free to pm me and I'll try to find the thread

  14. I very much disagree, it is the roots that cannot exceed set temps. Our main room exceeds 90 on the regular during warmer days as I refuse to pay for an AC.. It is NOT a problem so long as i keep the plants on the cool concrete slab which keeps the roots cool. - This is in regards to where i house some females offsite and not my indoor at home.

    The plant leafs themselves can handle temps above 100f as long as there is air moving over them. Add C02 and your plants thrive in warm climate rooms as long as you maintain a low level zone that is cooler then the air up top to keep roots cool

    The roots however do need to be kept cool. Ever wonder why plants thrive in 90 degree weather with great drainage, water supply and soil?

    The roots are cool and happy which insures a happy plant.

    Root health is paramount to a plant's survival.
  15. Brother, just switch your set up to grow at night will shed 10 to 15 degrees right there.

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