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  1. i have a problem, i have a 250watt hps light in a room of 3ft by 3ft by 6 ft high, i'm growing a scrog setup. when the 250watt hps is on the room goes up to about 100f. I have 2 pc intake fans at the bottom of the room and 1 pc outake fan at the top near to where the light is situated, and i have 1 pc fan blowing directly on the light, how much more fans do i need to put in the room and where should i put them? I was thinking of putting 1 more outake, 1 more intake and 1 more to blow on the light....should i? helps please!
  2. u dont want to have a shit lode of fans in the room just get a cuple of good strong fans the comp 1s r all right but kind of weak home depo has some badass fans and good prices
  3. You also want to have even amounts drawing in as sucking out. 2 in and 1 out your creating preasure and the fans are working harder sending less exhaust out.
    If anything you would be better putting 1 in and 2 out. good luck.
  4. Use a passive intake system and all 3 fans as exaust. You dont have to worry about anything then all fans EXTRACT heat from the room and fresh room temp air gets in. thats how to fix the heat problem too
  5. I have a grow cabinet that is simalar.
    I have the 250 with 3 flours
    anyways I have one intake fan about
    mid way. The fan is a kitchen vent fan.
    Also I have one one 8" fan blowing
    right on the bulb. It stays around 85
    Im going to upgrade the 8" to 12"
    I have laying around.
    My point is to ditch all the small fans and
    get one good intake and one good circulating
    fan on the bulb.
  6. i have a 250 hps in a similar room. I only have 1 fan blowing into the room, and a exaust fan up in the celing. my light is only a few inches above the plants and it doesnt get over 90*f. just make sure that you get cool air intake and dont blow a fan at the light. for some reason it makes it hotter.
  7. I had this problem when I first got my 250w HPS too. It seemed, the less fans, the better it worked. Get one good fan blowing out and use a passive intake. If you have too many fans in there, it just moves the air around and doesn't let all the hot air rise. Instead, it mixes it so all the air is the same temp.

    You want the hot air to rise and exit through your exhaust. i'd say, get rid of all three fans, buy yourself a nice squirrel cage fan or blower and use it for exhaust and have a passive intake system. I gaurantee it will lower temps to a workable level.

    Good luck.

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