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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by binghi, Nov 9, 2002.

  1. i have a problem, i have a 250watt hps light in a room of 3ft by 3ft by 6 ft high, i'm growing a scrog setup. when the 250watt hps is on the room goes up to about 100f. I have 2 pc intake fans at the bottom of the room and 1 pc outake fan at the top near to where the light is situated, and i have 1 pc fan blowing directly on the light, how much more fans do i need to put in the room and where should i put them? I was thinking of putting 1 more outake, 1 more intake and 1 more to blow on the light....should i? helps please!
  2. Just try putting an oscillating fan in the grow area. And double check the temp, shouldn't really be that high with the fans you already got.
    good luck
  3. I run a 250 hps in a slightly bigger cabinet (30x48x75) i run mine in a cool tube with ducting venting the heat into the attic. i use a 6" duct fan mounted at the top of the cabinet. it draws the warm air out of the cabinet while cooling the light. my vent is on the floor of the cabinet in with air inlets cut into the base. I run from 1 to 3 degrees above room temp. I also have my light set up to come on at 8pm and shut off at 8 am. it uses the cooler air at night to great advantage. the fan never stops running.
  4. if you have trouble with hot temps, just run your lights at night like mrbob said.

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