Hortilux bulb ???

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  1. I'm ordering another 600 watt quantum series lamp and was thinking of picking up the one that comes with the Hortilux bulb. Rather then the other one that comes with the Plantmax bulb. There's only a $40 price difference and the one with the Hortilux bulb comes with a lil smaller reflector. So my question is will the Hortilux light really make a difference?
  2. Try to find Spectral Analysis diagram for both bulbs and compare it.
    For instance 2 HPS(MH) bulbs from different manufacturers can have a slightly different spectrum output. One can produce slightly more of red another deliver more yellow.... I hope you got the point...
  3. Hortilux bulbs have been known to last longer than some of the other 'cheaper' bulbs, but really its user preference. Most bulbs on the market will grow your plant, but im a believer in you get what you pay for.
  4. I decided to go with the Hortilux combo just to test it against my plantmax bulbs I've been using. Not expecting much of a difference in plant growth but I also like the reflector it comes with better then the one that comes with plantmax combo.
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    I think the major difference between "brand" bulbs VS no name sweatshop made bulbs is: "brand" bulbs comes with warranty (I use Digilux with 1 year warranty) and they most likely last longer ...

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