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Horribly sick

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Juice1971, Aug 8, 2017.

  1. hey everyone, beginner pot smoker here. Up until Saturday night, I've only every smoked joints with no issues. Saturday I bought a bong and took 2 hits and relaxed on the couch to watch a movie with my wife. Within 20 or so minutes the room was spinning furiously and it eventually made me sick to my stomach, I ended up stuck in the bathroom for a few hours barfing every time I moved my head.
    I hadn't had any booze but was drinking an iced coffee drink at the time.

    The weed I was smoking was grown by family at a nice secluded location so I know there wasn't anything added to it.

    Any ideas as to why I had such a horrible reaction and what I can do to avoid that next time?


  2. Continue with joints

    grow into bong use is better no..?

    good luck
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  3. You greened out bro next time take it slow on the bong
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  4. You greened out. Don't take two bong hits. Take a small one, weighed out, then wait.
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  5. Thanks, I'll try toning it down
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