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Horrible reaction to Marijuana. It's been 3 days and still not feeling normal

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Crackhead165, Nov 24, 2012.

  1. :( I smoked some VERY potent weed 3 days ago, and i've had this continuous on and off feeling that I'm high. Keep in mind this was the very first time I've ever smoked weed before...

    For example, a few minutes ago I was on the phone with my friend and felt fine but now I'm starting to get weirded out again. I initially had a bad trip about 20 minutes after I smoked 3 bowls worth of dank purp and proceeded to have a panic attack before falling asleep. Also, something out of nowhere triggered another bad trip during Thanksgiving dinner with my family (who I'm sure figured out that I was on drugs :mad: ), and yet another at about 9:00 that night. During the 3rd one I literally sat on my bathroom toilet for 5 hours twitching and freaking out. Yesterday was a little better, but still scary. Last night I woke up at about 4am freaking out, but I calmed myself down and had a good nights sleep. Today I feel SLIGHTLY better than yesterday but still only like I have 75% control of my body.

    Has anyone felt this before? Does it go away? How long 'till it goes away?! I know the weed was NOT laced because 2 of my friends who I smoked with are not feeling this at all...
  2. You greened out man. It happens, just take a few days to chill and maybe ease yourself back with only a bowl or just taking one or two hits from whatever is being smoked.

    gotta start small young grasshopper :smoke:
  3. no this has never happened to me for THAT long. imo its either all in your head or you have something mentally wrong with yourself that is causing you to go thru those symptoms IF its not your mind freaking yourself out.

    remember the mind is a strong thing and can make you FEEL like you are going through some shit. WHenever i used to freak out from being too high i just take deep breaths and remember ITS ALL IN MY HEAD AND WILL GO AWAY EVENTUALLY

    also remember that weed affects everyone differently so maybe its not for you.
  4. you greened it will go away some times it just takes a few days best thing you can do is not stress about it
  5. Ok so it's been a little less than 3 days- 63 hours to be exact lol.

    But yes maybe weed isn't for me, I've never been anti-weed and smoked it with an open mind, but that shit fucked me up. Maybe just had too much, too strong in too little time. Relaxing and listening to music has helped but when I googled my symptoms and these weird depersonalization horror stories came up I got kinda freaked out.

  6. the on and off high feeling happened to me the first time i smoked weed too, lasted for around 3-5 days then vanished to never be seen again
  7. those story's are mostly from people who hate weed and blame all of the worlds problems on it that being said weed inst for every one i recommend when you feel better may smoke a small amount of some weaker stuff you might like it more if not then i would give up weed for now at lest
  8. This is a bad thing how? This is not a bad reaction

    I believe you are trying to troll us due to your name and you using the term 'bad trip'

    If you are just uninformed then just wait it out keep sleeping it off. In the future you'll wish this would happen
  9. Lots of water and rest will fix you up.
  10. Sounds like an anxiety / panic attack. Happens with weed sometimes, can leave you feel disorientated and shit like that for a few days, sometimes longer.

    Best thing to do is relax and forget about it, it's not harming you and there's nothing wrong with you. Don't listen to people saying you've got 'mental problems' because you haven't. You just smoked too much, and worrying about these effects will make them ten times worse, believe me. I know from personal experience. Good luck man! :smoke:
  11. Thanks for the replies. I'm not trolling though, this name is something I've used on the internet for years, so it's sorta a funny insider kinda thing for me if that makes any sense.

    Anyway, I'll tell my "bad trip" story in my next post, gotta do something in real life first though...
  12. Alright so here's my story. I know you guys probably could give a shit, but I figured it may help with my internet diagnosis, even though I think what was already said is correct...

    So I'm with 2 of my closest friends at their house when one of them pulls out some dank ass bud and asks if I want to lose my (weed) virginity tonight. I contemplated pussying out, but I've been around potheads for the better half of the last decade and had never taken so much as a hit before. So I said fuck it, lets smoke. The 3 of us then went outside with 4 nugs of dank purp (I think, I'm not the most educated on weed strains), my friends bowl and a lighter. Behind the house they started lighting up and did the whole puff puff pass shit. After about 3 hits for each of us we repacked. We repacked a total of probably 3 or 4 times before going in, but I was STILL not feeling even the slightest bit high while they were stoned off their asses.

    So we go inside and, remembering that many people don't get high their first time, I decided to say fuck it I'll just try to act a little high to have a good time with my friends. I remember sitting down on the floor and looking at my arms just laughing for no reason, but I didn't feel any different. I then got up, laid on the bed and looked up my favorite music video on my friends tablet. I started to sing along and that's when it hit me like a punch in the face. It felt like I melted into the screen and I blacked out. The next thing I know I'm freaking the fuck out. My friends thought I was having an asthma attack or something. I begged them to turn on the light and I got up and started twitching and nearly crying. I hugged them (no homo) while they told me everythings going to be ok to calm me down. It was literally the scarriest thing that has ever happened to me in my entire life. Not because I was in danger or anything, I mean I've had some fucked up shit happen to me on the streets, but the scary part was the unknown feeling and the fear that I would never escape the feeling.

    I then begged my friends to stay up and talk to me all night (stong wtf, right?) and they agreed. Of course, they were tired as hell though and that only lasted for maybe 2 hours max before they both fell asleep on me, but while we were talking I remember asking them questions I already knew the answer to to calm myself down. For example, I asked my friend who I have known for almost 18 years how many brothers he had...

    Once they had fallen asleep I spent the rest of the night panicking, pacing back and forth in my friends bedroom touching everything and reassuring myself that it would all end in the morning. I specifically recall checking my phone literally every minute. I found comfort in time passing because, in my head it meant one minute closer to the high being over. After about 5 hours of this weird ass behavior, I got tired of it and went to bed.

    When I woke up in the morning (Thanksgiving Day) I was not high anymore and felt very good. Still a little out of it, but in a good state of mind. I laughed the night before off and prepared for a nice day with my family. I drove home and started getting this weird feeling, but I brushed it off as withdrawal. I took a shower and got ready for dinner. The minute I stepped into the car to go to my grandmother's house, it hit me again. Quicker than a snap of the fingers, I was feeling the EXACT same trip that I thought had wore off 12 hours earlier. I was tripping and freaking out. Sitting next to my closest family members and not being able to act like you're not on drugs REALLY sucks! People were talking to me, but I wasn't understanding what they were saying. I was zoning out into people's eyes. I got scared at one point because my grandmother's cat kept staring at me and I thought it was going to attack me. Well somehow I managed to survive Thanksgiving without anyone calling me out on being high, but I'm sure they figured it out. I just told them I was tired.

    By the time I had gone home, the trip was wearing off again so I decided to call it a night and laid down. Big mistake. It felt as if my hands were melting into my bed and I began hallucinating. By 10:00pm Thanksgiving night, another trip began to hit me, and this was the worst one because I was alone. Unlike the other two, during this trip my mind was blank. I literally thought I had gone mentally retarded or mentally insane. The only thing I did until 3 in the morning was twitch, freak out and sit on my bathroom toilet. I eventually got the courage to go to bed again.

    Yesterday was a lot better. I woke up tripping again, but it was less than half of the strength of the other two. I calmed myself down by mid afternoon and spent the rest of the night on the computer.

    Today I woke up in the middle of the night with another possible panic attack, but I calmed myself down and it went away in less than 10 minutes. I got out of bed about 4 hours ago and haven't felt anything scary yet today. The worst thing today was zoning out into the computer screen and catching myself. A weird feeling, but something I do sober anyway. I still feel somwhat numb, like my senses are fucked up. Sometimes when I walk into a room I think how the fuck did I get here, but it's getting better. Definitely rethinking my views on weed from now on. I don't have anything against it, but the shit that I smoked did not agree with my system.

    Wednesday night:
    -Smoke 3-4 bowls of dank purp
    -Feel nothing at first, but it hits me hard after watching a music video (felt like I was fading into the screen)
    -I freak out and nearly cry in front of my friends
    -They calm me down, but not much
    -For the rest of the night I'm afraid of screens and the dark, but I find comfort in mirrors (because I can see myself I guess?) and clocks.
    -I wake up with no high, laugh the night before off
    -Start tripping worse than before the minute I step into the car to go to Thanksgiving Dinner with my family
    -I trip like CRAZY during dinner, don't eat much and began to wonder if I was on LSD
    -I go home and lay down, but it felt like I was melting into the bed
    -I spend the rest of the night twitching, freaking the fuck out and sitting on my bathroom toilet scared.
    -I wake up tripping again, but eventually calm myself down.
    -I spend all day on the computer
    -Feeling numb still, like my senses are messed up, but not as bad as before
    -Wondering when it will go away completely. When will it?

  13. smoke more or it will never go away
  14. smoke less and dont fight it
  15. With a name like 'crackhead165' you should be used to feeling Fucked up.
  16. Trust me OP it'll go away, you smoked too much, weren't expecting it and you freaked yourself out. Thinking about it will make it worse, just chill out and don't smoke again until you feel right again.
  17. You're new and smoked too much. There were times when i first started where i would wake up high the next morning and feel semi baked the next day and i enjoyed it. You have to give in to it and ride the wind man the more afraid you are the bigger chance you'll get anxious again. No matter how crazy it gets just remind yourself it WILL go away and you WILL be normal afterwards.

    Weed isn't for everyone maybe you're just not meant to toke? or your mind is to weak to take the bending effects of weed.
  18. troll
    or what you smoked wasn't weed
    either way, stupid
  19. yeah dude dont fight it, i do think you over did it for your first time, i had this cambian female friend back in 10 grade and she had never smoked. so i smoke her out like maybe 2 hits at a time but she didnt feel shit, she prob ended up taking 7 hits total, well anyway we went to eat at dairy queen since it was next to the park we blazed at. so we eat and talk. she ends up going home after we hanged then like an hour later she called me and said she was really scared that she was seeing lights and that she was throwing up blood( it was ketchup that she had eaten on her hot dog, but was so high she thaought it was blood), she ended up feeling like shit for two days and then like sluggish for a week. i felt so bad cuz i thought maybe she just needed more, idk i was ignorant back in the day

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