horrible pick up yesterday lol

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  1. Yesterday i went to go pick up. it was dark out and i had one alcoholic beverage. i was trying to find my buddys house so i was talking to him on the phone. he told me to turn so i did and it was the wrong house.

    so i backed out of the drive way and hit his fence lol opps. the guy came running out like he was gonna beat my ass. so i was trying to decide whether i was gonna haul ass or just talk to him. so i kind of speed up and drove off of his property and parked my truck

    i get out and he screams what the fuck? i was like my bad dude i didnt mean to my windows are tinted really dark so couldnt see. so i offerd to give him money or come back and fix it on sunday but he said fuck off.

    so i finally got to my buddys house and picked it up. i went over to another buddys house and smoked a bowl with him. on the way home i was less then half a mile to my house some one turned on a blinker and i started trippin. so i popped my weed in my mouth and was getting ready to chew it and swallow it when all of a sudden he got in the other lane.

    fuck i was pissed lol so i spit my weeed out and continued home.

    does any one else have any stupid storys like that lol im gonna go for now but ill be back later
  2. Yeah...no.
  3. I liked the part when you hit the fence. It was funny. :D
  4. son. I am disapoint
  5. went to the movies with some friends

    4 of us

    me and my buddy smoking, 2 of them no.

    go to theatre grab 4 seats, leaves jackets or w/e and go out

    watching indiana jones

    me and my buddy decide to go out (abt 10 mins b4 movies), i whip out a nice blunt.

    we smoke that blunt are faded as hell. we begin to worry about smell so we can get past the ticket guy and in without him saying anything.

    we end up getting passed him but as we enter the theatre...

    HOLY FUCK it is FULL.

    we make our way up over half the rows and sit beside our dawgs.

    by the time we sat down and look over at them, they are BOTH eyeing us down LIKE HELL.

    i myself smelt the strong marijuana odour.

    o man this made for an retarded sketchy/epic/stress/funny/crazy moment. our boys are just ragging and giving us shit.

    -side story. my friend who i blazed with, was a relative beginner and he just got so blasted. he actually looked like he was in a electric char, like just completly tight in his seat looking straight forward the whole time. he didnt look to the side at me our the other 2 at all. he was just competley fucked.
    out of no where he turns to me and says "i feel like im going to die". i just freaked out in my head and said "what!!?!?!". HAHA

    anyway so in the cornor of my eye i see some1 in a white shirt walk in. look at the guy and its either a cop/security and i couldnt tell the difference.
    at this point i think someone couldve complained about this STRONG ass smell and they were looking up for us.

    i quickly grab the remaining BURNT ass blunt and put that shit in my mouth. drink it down with my non high friends drink.

    nothing ended up happening and i ate my decent remaining blunt and tossed my lighter too IDK.

    shit man it was crazy.

    another time same scenerio at a movie, with another friend telling me he feels like hes dieing...
    ive smoked out less then 5 ppl for their first time ... and 2 of them said they felt like dieing wtf

    k ill leave your thread now.

    k not yet.

  6. i'm confused at the point of this story
  7. Me and my friend blazed in the forest with our motorcycles.
    We got really shitfaced, the kind of high where if something happens you cant tell if its real or not.
    We saw a deer.
    We chased said deer.
    The deer ran out in front of a car doing about 45 on a gravel road.
    The car hit the deer.
    Life flight came, took the guy to the hospital.
    The next week we read that the guy died.
    I feel so bad to this day :(

  8. If this is true, dont be so hard on yourself, every decision you make has a life or death possibility because of the fact that we all can die at any time. Choosing to buy a mountain dew instead of a root beer at a restaurant could be the difference between life an death.
  9. Don't be underage with a low tolerance drink one of your dad's sam adams and back up into your dealer/friends fence...
  10. I hate the thought of eating weed.kinda weird dont ya think :confused:
  11. haha thats a funny ass story about the movies
  12. Wait, some one signalled a lane change so you ate your weed?

  13. I haven't laughed this hard in a while, the part about the ecltric chair :laughing:
  14. I backed over a chainlink fence once while leaving a buddies to go to an ATM to get weed money. It was dark, I wasn't paying attention, didn't know there was a fence right behind me. Wham! Knocked it down and backed over it.

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