horney goat???????

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  1. ok a bud buddy at school today told me about this type of weed called horney goat has any1 ever tryed it if so how was it thanks.

  2. Sounds made up to me.
  3. I have tried the Slutty Sloth.

    Good shit..
  4. dude...

    you sure he wasnt saying Horny Goat Weed?


    google it
  5. I've seen something called Horny Goat Weed at gas stations and whatnot. I never really took a good look at it though..
  6. I think one of my friends told me that he took a horny goat weed pill and had an erection for about 2 hours...not sure tho.:confused:
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    yes i too have seen it at G-stations but do not know its purpose...
  8. haha its just natural pharm. Its a capsule with ground up plants inside like golden seal. I think its supposed to be a aphrodisiac or something
  9. haha, slutty sloth :smoke:
  10. Horny goat is mostly in energy drinks.

    GTFO troll

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