hormone method to get bushy plants

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  1. Hello my friend is still in high school and is a genius in my mind he takes advandced biology. He has shown me a way to get plants to grow out instead of up.

    step1: plant is in veg stage and when it gets to height u want it at it is ready to be cut.

    step2:take magnifying glass and look at the top of the plant for a pistil (female)

    step3:the pistil produces a hormone that controls vertical plant growth and if u cut this it will cause the plant to focus its energy on growing horizontally (out) instead of vertically (up)

    i kno this may sound crazy but it is in his advanced bio book just thought i would share it. i have no clue about it so if someone else knows if this really works please comment.
  2. fucking amazing, thats so easy too man no longer wil stoners have to bother with having no closets causes there 6 ft plants in there you could make your custom lowryders
  3. they also have a fert/hormone in your grow store that does the same thing. Check it out.
  4. its called topping
  5. When the top is removed the secondary branches take over. Stimulating growth at all the nodes. Therefore creating the "bushy" effect. Wasn't aware this was considered Advanced.
  6. topping your plant is like the most basic thing you could do...
  7. BTW its not a pistal your looking for. A pistle is the white hair that grows out of the buds. These are there to catch the pollen and pull it into the calix which then develops a seed embryo.

    I think what your friend was actuly trying to explain to you was the 'Apical Meristem'. This is the growth tip of a plant, and yes stoners have been toping their plants for centuries.

    The Apical Meristem is the dominant growth tip of the plant. If you think of the plant in a christmas tree shap, it is the highest top most point. This Apical Meristem produces a plant hormone, known as Auxin, which has a negative effect on Meristem growth. Not on itself, but on the meristem, or growth tips below it. This ensures that there is a dominant bud on the plant, one that reaches skyward. This helps it compeate against its neighboring plants and ensures the plant will grow tall by making the plant focus the majority of its growing energy into the point, or tip.

    So what happens if this Apical Meristem is damaged by wind, eaten by a raindeer or kangaroo? Well the next bud down will take over as the apical meristem. Since the main apical meristem is now missing, there is not as much auxin traveling downward through the plant. The next bud is now not being restricted in its growth so it explodes in a burst of growth and takes over as the dominant meristem, the apical meristem.

    This is why generaly in the plant kingdom and definately in marijuana, you will see the biggest bud up the top followed by the next biggest buds, and smaller buds as you go down. Light filtration dictates this too, but even if you had more side and lower lighting than the top you still would end up with your biggest bud up top if you grew it in a christmas tree form.

    Amizingly however... A similar effect can be achieved by taking the apical meristem and bending it down below the other growth tips. I have no idea why this is so, appart from the fact that perhaps Auxin is a dence hormone and has a sinking effect through the plants xylem/phlome. Once you lower the bud below the other buds it cant push the hormones it produces upwards to them, rather they travel horozontaly and downwards towards the roots where coincidently it stimulates root growth.

    Perhaps someone out there can shed some more light on plant hormones for us. Its been a while since I read this stuff.

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