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  1. Anybody check them?
    I hate reading them because i feel like im letting something tell me my life.
    But they get kind of addicting. Haha. I dont take them serious though..
  2. yeah, every day. not from your typical msn site though... I'm really into astrology, actually.
  3. Monday - Friday I do. I'll be bored in class or something while the teacher is blabbing so I'll read them on my cell phone. I don't really believe in them, but it's kinda freaky when you look at them at the end of the day and realize that they just called your entire day out, and it went exactly like it said it would without even knowing it.
  4. Nope, it's all bunk.

  5. my take on anything that predicts the future without evidence.
  6. I read them, but I don't put any stock in them.
  7. Daily horoscopes are typically bullshit.

    I like the personology aspect more. Like what your sun, moon, planet signs tell about you. Its general, but I do notice that a lot of people really exhibit thoughts and behavior that correllate with their signs.

    Chinese Astrology is pretty awesome too.
  8. Not really...

    Sometimes if I'm really bored at work I'll start playing with my phone, there's a quick link on my main internet page to horoscopes.

    After I've checked the news and whatnot if I'm still bored and there's still nothing to do it'll check them out.

    They're alright to read. I never remember them long enough to take them seriously. Don't really care too all that much I guess. Still kinda fun to read occasionally though.
  9. It's easy when the human mind works the way it does ;)
  10. When I see them I read them, but I dont go looking for them everyday. Its all fake anyways.
  11. Horiscopes I usually dont look at them... because most of the time there very very vague & say things very common in a more technical way, like today you will refill your transportation, & find your self urging to buy something you dont need.. things like that very vague?:smoking:
  12. horoscopes.. only fun when you can relate it. and then when it doesn't.. you just fear for your life.

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