Hoping its a girl..help?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by SuicidalSoldier, Jun 15, 2006.

  1. dunno how long this ones been going for but anyways, she looks alright (well i hope its a she) in the center of the top node theres a kinda ball-ish looking thing..is it maybe just leaves forming in an awkward manner or does this signal a male?
    i know..the pics do not do it any justice AT ALL.
    :wave: :smoke: :hello:

    *oh, and also, the first node right down the bottom started going yellow and kinda burnt looking..could this be nutrient deficiency? im not using any special stuff on it its just soil + water + fluoro light. will the plant still develop ok without the nutrients? its doing alright so far...*

  2. Go to General Outdoor Growing. Thread - Question about Sexing - started by DevilDank. I put some helpful pics on that.
  3. thx, so basically the little bit in the center is just more leaves developing?
    so im looking for two little white pistils at the bits where branches stretch out from?
    :smoke:thx again
  4. as ive read, it could possibly be a magnesium deficiency.
    i have tabs of 5mg Mg, if i dissolved these in water and used it to water my plant, would this help the plant at all?

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