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hope this isn't causing more trouble but...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by telluride toker, Oct 22, 2003.

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  1. Why was lilkahunahead banned? He was disagreeing with the mods, which was not a crime last time I checked. People are screaming \"conspiracy!!!!\" and others are telling us that nothing\'s wrong. There might have been more to the bannings than what meets the eye, or maybe not. But either way, there\'s trouble a\'brewin\' in the city...

    (breaks down crying)
  2. I see your title says grand pooba of the UFPS, what does this mean? is this a secret code?

  3. UFPS is the United Federation of Pot Smokers. I am the Extremely Bodacious Grand Poo-Bah of that organization. My highly important job is to stare at poatoes giggling with my finger up my nose.

    Go to Pandora\'s Box forum to see the UFPS thread.

  4. the ufps lol, i miss it. a thread was started by obliviot i think ....united federation of pot smokers.... the ufps. it was so much fun. man i would just laugh and laugh.

  5. I don\'t see it

    there is no such thread.

    are you just making it up?
  6. shit i guess it\'s gone now. no i wasn\'t making it up. ah, well, whatever.

  7. It was a member that had already been banned. Any member that has been banned that registers under a new user name will continue to be banned.
  8. cant we all just drop it??

    i mean people were banned, and we\'ll miss them. but rules are rules. there are plenty of people to talk to here, and many new people will find there way here.

    the way i see it, when it really comes down to it, this is an INTERNET message board, for all we know all those people banned could of been 16. Ganjamom might be Ganjadad.

    Its an internet message board. Its just a whole bunch of words. Maybe im not deeply rooted in the \"family\" but i just dont see it as a big deal??
  9. IndianaToker is correct. That person was a banned member and they have come back as LKH as well as other user names.

    ...and adam is one smart cookie. :)

    This question has been answered.

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