Hooray for Stupid Cops

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  1. Alright, it's about time I sit down and type out this story for GC. It happened about 2 years ago, but i remember it like yesterday.

    It was a warm November Arizona night, and I decided to head to my usual resturant of choice; Wendy's. At this point in my life i was supposed to have been sober and clean for 2 years. Which I was only clean for about 1.75 years, and then the few months before this incident i took up closet smoking. I didn't tell any of my friends because if word got out, I was fucked. I was pussy whipped, and she didn't like the ganja. But she's long gone now. Well, I took a small little hit out of my one hitter and was feelin an alright buzz and decided to head on down to where I knew all my old smoking buddies from high school hung out.

    Well I pull up, and sure enough they're all there. Well I'm told we are no longer allowed to park in front of my friend's house because his dad didn't like it, so we drove about 1/8 of a mile down the road and parked in front of this little green belt. We had two cars down there, but we were all in my car eating Wendy's. So then my friend says, "You need to see my new piece." SO we get done eating, get out of my car, and walk over ot his car. his mom just moved on the otherside of town a few days before, and he didn't want to move, so at this moment in time he was living out of his car. Had a SHIT load of stuff in his car. Ceiling to roof, packed with his belongings. Well, he goes into his trunk, digs to the very bottom, pulls out a brief case and sets it on top of his car. He then opens it and shows me a tiny spoon which was bad ass. So I give him props, he packs up and we all head down to the front of my friend's house.

    We're standing there shootin the shit, when all the sudden I see this cop car turn left down our street. I got a bit paranoid and throw my dugout system and a little hand pipe into a bush discreetly. The cop pulls up, gets out and told us some neighbor narced on us. He took all our ID's and asked where our cars were parked. He asked if they were down the street, and my friend said yes. Now at this point I'm pretty freaked because I'm a "goody good" at this time. I've never gotten in trouble, cops don't even know I exist, and I'm the only one high. So the cop says, "Let's take a walk." And we walk down to the green belt, and BAM five other fuckin cop cars. So including his, we have six cars there. I'm freaked. Cops everywhere in this tiny neighborhood road. They sit us down, and they said, "We're waiting on the dog." So about five minutes later this beautiful Belgian Malinois (Belgian version of the German Shepard, I own one) gets out of the car, and they lead it over to my car. I'm freaking out, ic an't get my parents car impound, and 15 minutes ago I had weed sitting in my friggin side part of my drivers door. The dog heads there first. Sniffs around, and nothing. Walks around my in full, and nothing. Oh shit am I fucking relieved. Gets over to my friends car, and it goes fucking crazy. We've been smoking ganja out of this car for over four years. It's got the smell imprinted into the car. My friend said the funniest thing ever though, "Dude, you're dog is scratching my fucking paint. Tell him to stop." He knew what was up, but played it off. My friend looks like a stereotypical stoner. I mean, real stoner looking. So then this cop comes over and gives all three of us a field test. He goes through the first two first. And I'm fuckin trippin since I know I'm high. When he gets to me, I'm about ready to piss my pants. And then when he gets done with me, he tells my one friend, whos car it was, he was the only one to show signs of being intoxicated by marijuana. HE JUST FUCKING GOT OFF WORK AND HE'S BROKE AT THIS POINT AND HAS NO FUCKING MARIJUANA. Yet, because he looks like stoner, he's the one that shows signs of being high. Well they ask to search his car. He said no, but then they strong armed him saying they'll impound it, and then find whatever needs to be found on the lot. So he finally said okay.

    Well if you remember, he had all this fucking stuff in his car. 18 years worth of belongings, and they fucking tear the car apart. There are six cops searching his car because of all the stuff. They find a hookah in his car, but a cop comes over and tells the cop that is babysitting us that "there is no residue to be found." So the babysitter turns around and says, "Well, test again damn it" This was actually the hookah that my friend's reserved only for tobacco. Well, they finally get to the bottom of his trunk and find the briefcase the narc described. They open it up and find the pipe. PIPE ONLY, no weed. And they arrest him for paraphenelia. This pipe was inside an altoid box, inside of a briefcase, burried on the bottom of a trunk that was filled with everything this kid own. No where in easy access, and they book him.

    Now heres a little extra to my story. My mom was just arrested for DUI like three weeks prior.... who was one of the cops? my mom's arresting officer. I over heard him discussing this with one of his buds, I thought that was strange.

    But anyways, the third guy there asks if we can go. So babysitter cop asked about me, and this other guy and the cops said that my car was clean, so he hands me back my ID and I drive off. I'm fucking HIGH, and they hand me my license and i drive off. Fuckin scared the fuck out of me because I've never been in any situation with the police before. But I'm telling this story mainly to describe the situation with the hookah where they found no residue and this greatly pissed off the one cop, and then the finding of the pipe burried in the bottom of the trunk being the arresting charge. My god... Reefer Madness I say!
  2. Did you get your dugout back?
  3. Nah, when I drove back by my friend's house, and the ones who weren't at the scene of the "crime" where out there and I just told them they could keep it. I was pretty freaked that night. I later found out it got confiscated by the cops at a later date lol.

  4. Haha good question

    Nice story though bud. Glad things worked out for you, sorry about your friend.
  5. I fucking hate cops...great for you, but sucks for your friend, I guess.
  6. I think they might have dropped the charges because it's been two years, and he hasn't mentioned anything else. Just another slow Tuesday night in Suburbia hell.

  7. what an asshole.

    good story, sucks for your friend.
  8. well thats shitty. did they try using the "oh your tongue is green gag? i had a cop tell me that and i laughed in his face.

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