Hooking up with an ugly chick?

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by LovingTree, Nov 23, 2011.

  1. She's kinda flat chested and chubby, but white like my type. Would you get the hook up if you could?
  2. No, my standards are fairly high.

    All on you brother.
  3. So your only criteria is how she looks?
  4. all pusssys pink my brotha. more cushion for the pushin
  5. Why would you? Hooking up's supposed to be a pleasant experience...
  6. more fat for the tap
  7. How does a fat chick have a flat chest?

    That defies the laws of nature.

  8. breast reduction surgery? her back was hurting from her massive bazoongas
  9. Well they're like B32 and she's a little chubby. Got a bit of neck but she's got her tongue pierced and on birth control.
  10. fat chicks are crazy in bed
  11. Her proportions sound so fucked up :s
    I can't even really picture that in my mind...
  12. I'd tap that, blonde?
  13. Yes looks matter.

    But is not my only criteria.

    Looks is first, she can't pass that the rest is irrelevant.

    Personality is the deal maker.

    Then compatibility.
  14. Fuck yeah. Beauty is but a light switch away! The fattys always try harder, that's all I go for, you would be surprised.

    A hole is a hole, when you are young, fuck everything that moves!

    Happy fucking.

    yo, snap some pics of her titties.

  15. thats if shes older than 18
  16. [quote name='"LovingTree"']She's kinda flat chested and chubby, but WHITE like my type. Would you get the hook up if you could?[/quote]

    I'm I the only one thinking this dude is a bit racist?
  17. Did you make the WHITE in caps, or did he make the WHITE in caps, if he did, it kinda comes off that way, I'm too lazy to look.

    Hey dude, if she's got a pretty face, stop being so humble and take one for the team.
  18. if shes only a b-cup than she cant be that chubby..right?

    eh. up to you man. if you're horny enough then why not give it a try
  19. He's not racist to have a type. You like what you like. He didn't say he hates other races
  20. How is she fat if she's 32 around the back? That's not fat man.

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