HookednCookeds DIY carbon filter (mostly for smaller grows)

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  1. Hey guys!
    So after sitting down and doing a lot of research I finally found out a quick and easy way to make a carbon filter for micro grows. I tried making a couple carbon filters but, they all restricted too much airflow causing my temps to rise and cause too much stress on my PC fan. This is quick cheap and easy! Around $10-$12.
    Items needed:
    Atrium grate (found at homedepot or any hardware store) I'm using a 4" I have a 120 mm fan they have 3" 4" and 6"
    One or two zipties (I got the akid table ones just Incase I need to change anything)
    Activated carbon (found at any pet store)
    Single legging (the cheap kind make sure it's very breathable)
    Scissors ( to cut the zipties etc..)
    Foil tape or ducting (to mount it)

    Ok so let's get started....

    Take out all your things

    Now take your atrium grate and stick it inside the stocking like so..
    View attachment 1587206

    Take your zipties and tie it just underneath the lip and then trim
    View attachment 1587207 View attachment 1587208

    Now pull the stocking back over the grate like this..
    View attachment 1587212

    Take your carbon and pour it inside of the stocking. Mind you.. You may add whatever amount of carbon you want for veg I suggest 10 oz for flower 18 oz. Pour the carbon in slowly stop move it around then pour more in, you kind of have to work it in a little bit to form its shape. Pour in till you have an even layer of about a 1/2 inch.
    View attachment 1587216

    After you pour your carbon in take the top of the stocking and pull it as tight as you can get it so it doesn't sag and so it can keep its shape. View attachment 1587218

    Tie the stocking into a knot then trim..
    Voila! Your done! Use your foil tape or whatever you prefer to mount it to your fan!
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  2. Wow sorry it didn't post the pictures here you go
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  3. Nice.


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