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  1. Could I smoke weed with a hookah thing? Or are they incompatible?
  2. me and the girlfriend have a 27 inch from sahara smoke.

    and its more of a group thing and def only for crip.

    but its alot of fun if you have a good amount of spare time.

    useing shisha and coals.

    a bowl of weed will genraly last you 45mins - 1 hour(with coals and shisha)

    the high is a continual low altitude high.you just feel chill as fuck instead of :smoking:

    its alot of fun if done right:)
  3. Hell yeah you can! What I do is just mix how ever much bud in with the bowl of shisha.
  4. I do this a lot too.

    Make sure you mix the bud in the tobacco with your fingers. Or you can layer it in the middle.

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