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  1. I believe it's called a hookah, where you and a few friends can all smoke from the same bong? Not sure, I never seen any around here, is there a way to make a homemade one?
  2. I'm sorry but have you ever heard of google, look this shit up :rolleyes:
  3. Hookahs are mainly for tobacco, but does not limit it to that specific herb.
    I think EDIT or the Grasscity Store has a few bongs with multiple hoses.
    But really, I'd rather smoke out of a bong and watch in amazement at who can take the biggest rip. ^^
  4. Posts like these should receive no other comments. ;)
  5. dont use a hookah to smoke weed
  6. agree very much.

    hate burning bud outta hookahs. never seem to get very high, doesnt taste that great, doesnt burn well at all. only way to get it to burn alright is with shisha, and shisha just ruins the taste of kine.


  7. I'm sorry but did it ever occur to you that if everybody used google this wouldn't be a forum :O
  8. i prefer using a hookah

    try mixing the weed with molasses it will work better

    and make sure the weed itself is really moist
  9. No it didn't. Most posts on her are questions regarding information that could not easily be found on a basic internet search. If the OP would have asked should I smoke pot out of a hookah? that would have been more reasonable, aside from the fact that there are 100 threads on that already.

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