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  1. What's up blades. Just sitting around smoking some haze brand melon blast having good times. Buzzing pretty hard you guys like hookah?

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  2. I love hookah! It's so smooth n flavorful!
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    Heck yeah I do. But my old cheap ass hookah just broke :(
    thing was a POS anyways...
  4. That sucks. I'm feeling mega relaxed right now straigh puffin

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  5. Yeah, I fucks with hookah from time to time.

    Its fun, nice way to relax.
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  6. I love smoking shisha! Great with some buddies or just chilling after work.
    I'd love to see a hookah thread on GC actually survive :laughing:
    What are you guys favorite brands and flavors of shisha? Any great combos to tell us about? :)
  7. gotta love a hookah when you're at a party 
  8. What the difference between smoking from the hookah to just putting a fat dip in? Pardon my ignorance.

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  9. I love hookah! Sprinkle some bud on there and get a great buzz. Im a huge hookah fan. My favorite mix is fantasia brand pink lemonade with some bud mixed in there and a little magic dragon. Fantasia brand as well. :)
  10. I'd compare the nicotine buzz from shisha more to dipping than to smoking a cigarette. Stronger, and the effect comes on more gradually. Just my two cents on it.
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    What flavor is Magic Dragon? Haven't tried it.
    Grape, mango, and mint is a hell of a good mix. Nakhla is the best flavor to use, at least I think. Add some grenadine or pomegranate shisha to it, it's pretty epic. A hookah bar in my hometown calls it the Dragon mix :smoke:
    Edit: Sorry for the double posting.
  12. I love using hookahs! I like using some 0 nicotine shisha called Kryptonite. Tastes amazing and is great to smoke listening to pink floyd while high
  13. I've never really had to have a full session with hookah but I have taken hits at parties. It's pretty fun. I enjoy vaping as well if any of you have tried it!
    How much does a good hookah cost and how much are a tin of coals? I'd like to pick one up sometime in my life.
  14. I need some new flavors. Mix your bud and shisha? How much you use? My wife bought me one for christmas.

    I dont do drugs, I set plants on fire and breathe.
  15. Favorite shisha would have to be romann - sour kiss!

    It's like peachy o's

    And with natural coals it just tastes amazing! No lighter fluid taste

  16. You can get a Mya QT or Bambino for around fifty bucks, or an Egyptian hookah like Magdy Zidan for a little more, from sixty up into the hundreds. I've had one for a few years and it's held up well, I got it for eighty. Just avoid the super cheap, generic Chinese ones, they're not worth it and will rust in no time.
    A box of 100 coals can run anywhere from five to ten bucks or so. I buy Exotica coals, they come in bars that are scored, so you can break the squares off as you need them, I get them for nine bucks a box. Natural coals are the way to go, healthier and better tasting than quick lights :D
    I usually don't mix the two. But now and then my girlfriend and I smoke it together. I pack a bowl of shisha, just about a fifth less of it than usual, then add half a gram or so of weed on top. Use the coals and smoke as usual, just with a better buzz :smoking: and I think the fruit flavors are the best with bud.
    What flavors have you tried? I could probably recommend quite a few.
  17. I been smoking haze brand mango and melon blast. Melon blast is so bomb

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    Do all hookahs rust overtime or just the cheap ones?

  19. Its like a mixed berry cream taste. I love it. I need to find a better alternative for coals tho. I just use the cheap three king insta-light ones.
  20. Any metal hookah will rust after long enough. But taking care of it plays a big factor, keep it clean and dry, and never let it sit with the water in it between smoke sessions. That will rust your down stem in no time.
    Sounds pretty good :smoke:
    Try buying any natural coals online. They're usually much cheaper bought off online, and in bulk of course. 5starhookah is a decent site to try.

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