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  1. My friend offered to sell me 2 hookah pens. I would like to have them because I cant smoke bud because of my probation. My question is how much should I buy them for? If you have ever bought hookah pens please share the price you bought them for. Peace!

  2. I see them all the time for like $9.99. Are they the disposable ones?
  3. i have a pretty nice one its an Ego-C twist with a badass tank on top with a swivel mouth piece. cost around $50
    That's a personal vaporizer i.e. electronic cigarette. Hookah pens are a specific type of e-cig.
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    These things are really blowing up this past year. Yeah, the disposable ones I get from the LHS are extremely smooth and taste even better than their hookah counterpart. Run me $10 each. 500 puffs I believe?
    Yup, between 500 and 700 puffs. Every so often you'll get a dud that will work for about 20 minutes and that's it, but the same thing happens with the disposable e-cigs you can buy from like 7-11. The cartomizers on them that hold the e-liquid for vaping have a pretty sensitive coil at the base that can become dislodged really easily during transport, destroying any chances to vape the entire cartridge.
    If the OP's friend is trying to sell him a disposable hookah pen, I'd say forget it and buy one from a shop. There's really no reason to buy hookah pens from friends unless they're super cheap or you're underage and can't buy one for yourself.
  7. What stores do sell hookah pens? I thought you could only get them off of amazon.
    Around where I am, headshops sell them, 7-11, hookah bars and shops, Spencer's and Hot Topic. They're available lots of places here in the city, although I'm not sure if they'd be as prolific out in the country or anything like that. I live in the DC area. 
  9. If anyone is underage I do not understand why they do not use Amazon. When I was 15, 16, 17 I used Amazon to buy beer and just shipped to an abandoned house right by me.
    Heh. I didn't have to go through all those hoops. Had a full beard at 15 (I'm Arab) so I was very rarely carded when trying to buy smokes or blunt wraps, and if I was carded I just left and went somewhere else :laughing:
  11. Amazon sells beer?
    I was wondering why you were the first person to ask this...
  13. Bro I had an Arab friend who did this all the time. I would always go in an tell him what I like/want. He would get it and I would just leave. I love you folks.
    Ya bro but around here they are 7.50, in detriot so...ya. 
    Funny little story, in high school a kid 1 grade under me thought they were 15 each and started supplying these pens to his friends for 20, lol. He always boughta huge amount so it was weird when I went in and bought like 10-20 pens. But in the end it kinda helped me pay for a lot of shit. He became the go-to guy for these hookah pens and got pretty big.
    Moral: High school was the most retarded time in your life.
  14. I've bought two of the disposable imperial brand pens and I didn't count how many puffs but it wasn't anywhere close to 500 as they advertise.
    My opinion, they taste alright at first but after a while the taste degrades dramatically.
  15. Wait! Can I get an explanation of beer on amazon? Pretty sure that doesn't exist..
  16. Wait! Can I get an explanation of beer on amazon? Pretty sure that doesn't exist..
  17. Being the owner of a hookah pen shop, I was searching around prices and stumbled upon this post. On average, we charge anywhere from $8.00-$12.00, depending on the style. The main thing to consider is how many puffs it contains. Most are around 500, but they get up to about 1000. The higher the use, the more you're going to pay. Location depends as well!
    Feel free to ask any other questions, as I would be more than happy to answer. 
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    I'll have to buy another pen in the future and actually count the puffs....I'm still pretty adamant about it not being anywhere near 500. I've only tried starbuzz/imperial. 
    You can buy alcohol online but someone has to be there to sign for the package and they have to be of legal age....
  19. @[member="Tree Burner"]: It also depends on the length of the draw.

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