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hookah doctors?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ImmortalGropher, Jan 14, 2010.

  1. So for some reason my hookah isn't drawing at all which is why I ordered a pipe from GC...I have taken the fucker apart and cant find ANY blockages...

    Can someone halp me figure out what the issue may be somehow? I really wanna smoke and I'm tired of waiting on the pipe XD.

    The bowl is clean, there is nothing blocking the stem, nothing in the tube chamber, what the hell could be the issue? I notice that the ball bearing in the air release part doesn't move at all though so I'm guessing that's the issue, but how do I go about fixing this crapola? I spose you could say it's my bong lol.
  2. try taking the ball off and plugging it with your thumb. see if you can hit it with your thumb plugging the hole. if this is the problem you can just plug the hole with some tin foil or something
  3. Just tried it, no go. I'm even trying to draw without the mouthpiece haha, I have NO clue what the issue could be XD
  4. do you have an air leak somewhere? when you inhale try putting your hands around seals to see if one is loose
  5. I just took a toothpick to the inside of the draw hole and I got some black stuff, I then tried drawing and it seemed to work so now I am soaking it in very hot water for a little bit. I'm guessing that's resin build up possibly?
  6. could be, how big is your hookah? if its a smaller one then its possible
  7. Yeah it's a small one, pretty much for one-two people to share...I've shared with 3 though before lol. just one tube.

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