Hood 2 Hood: The Blockumentary Movie Trailer

Discussion in 'General' started by dopenugz, May 9, 2006.

  1. Real thugs know the deal.

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    <embed src="http://www.youtube.com/v/G3iw87DRkfM" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" height="350" width="600"></object>
  2. Im deff gon peep that boy.
  3. oh man i love the hood 2 hood videos, there's one i think it was in harlem with this crackhead who smoked a rock, and starts buggin out pushing at her leg cause she thinks there is a rat in it or something
  4. Where can I check out these videos? They sell em at stores?
  5. yo i for sure wanna see that shit, im gonna be laughin my ass off the whole way though too. but really where do they sell those? would it be in theaters? haha
  6. They're on amazon.com and other sites online.

    You can get them at most stores like best buy, media play ect.
  7. damn folk... i love this

    the intro is so damn deep.
  8. i'm downloading this through BT right now hahah.
  9. Yeah me too man:smoke:

    Any of you guys checked out the bumfight videos? They dont look as good as this one but they are pretty good. Bling bling the crackhead is fuckin awesome
  10. is anyone here on GC a gangsta (meaning are you in a gang)?
  11. mundi looks like hes a blood :rolleyes:


    i used to tag...and i kick it with some gs, but i dont run with any gang myself.
  12. Bumfights is the shit when you are stoned. I have a screen in my car so I always rock Bumfights. Or GGW.

    My brother used to bang, but he left the country.
  13. my friend has a bunch of those videos, not really my thing but i think they are pretty interesting.

    haha bum fights, that shit is just classic. "THis is bling blings crack pipeeeeeeeeeee" so fucking funnny.
  14. I seen a movie like this (or maybe this one) when this one darkie from detroit shows how "ni66as really get down" and he pulls out 4 LBs and $100,000 lol
  15. That shit looks nice. I like the "juicy" remix they did too.

    EDIT: Im also downloading it on BT hehe
  16. thats some wild shit, a lot of keepin it real.
  17. nah i aint bangin but i got some fam who do what they do cause they cant do a 9-5...i think that shit nasty tho
  18. bunch of fucking faggot pussies with shitty guns.
  19. Yeah. I hate those stupid wankstas.

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