Hoo boy....how should I tell my mother?

Discussion in 'General' started by TheHempress, Sep 5, 2003.

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  1. A moment has come that I never saw coming. I\'m pregnant. :eek: Yikes, holy crap, what the fuck?, and all that jazz.

    I don\'t know what else to say, except I hope it\'s a girl.

    I had to quit smoking cigarettes today, which is a good thing, but I miss them already. I\'m not gonna quit weed, though! Hell no! I read that smoking a joint a day isn\'t bad for the baby, and barring that, I can always make brownies!

    I really can\'t afford this right now, but maybe in 9 months I can..who knows? But, whatever happens, I\'m keeping the baby.

  2. wew..you got it easy..my sis was pregnant when she was 15 :/, imagine explainin that to mommy..

    but congrats! and definitaley do some research on weed and its effects on pregnant mothers before you stay smoking, I love weed and it has many benefits, but anything can be harmful to baby\'s.
  3. I decided if I find too many articles saying not to (and from what I\'ve read it\'s only the smoke that\'s harmful) I\'ll quit, but I\'m not ruling out brownies :D

    I\'m so scared....do you think I\'ll make a good mommy?
  4. You will be the BEST mom ever!!!!(I wish my mom was Pro-420!) And I know how to break it to your mom! just fit it in a random conversation like, \"so I got the car fixed today and I am pregenent, but ya the car runs great!\" OR \" Ya, I had to walk to work and I got pregenent on the way one of my friends gave me a ride.\"
  5. awwwwwww....... talk about something to change your life.....
    im sure you\'ll be a great mom hempress... now you\'ll totally have something to devote your time and affection too...:)

    whats the father think?

  6. Heh..I told him, but I don\'t think it quite hit him full on yet. But at least I know he\'s not leaving.[​IMG]
    He\'s not that kind of person.

  7. thats all that counts..... at least he\'ll be there.... though even if he doesn\'t seem all into it at first.....it\'ll change once you get to see and play with the wonders you two have created.... children are a really special thing...
  8. congrats hempress! I wish you and your baby the best. I wouldnt honestly know where to start as far as filling mom in. sorry I cant help you there.. but obliviot made a good point, research on the effect of cannibanoids..brownies or not, the thc will still be there.
  9. I wouldnt do it...my mom told me she never smoked when she was pregnant with me or my brother.......She said that no matter what, mind-altering substances can still be harmful, especially at young age......I mean like think about it...what if you have your baby and he/she comes out saying \"YAAAAH MAN!!!!!!!I GOT THA MUNCHIES!!!!\" hehe=D Congratz tho hempress, you\'ll make a wonderful mommy.....

  10. You will do fine.. It has to be a scary thing for you.. Just stay calm and let things take their course... Pic a time when you and your mom are really having a good conversation then tell her!
  11. WOW!

    I sent you a Congrats earlier before I saw the thread.

    WOW!!! I couldn\'t imagine. I\'m glad that you\'re happy about it. A little Baby Hempress. Awwww....so cute. :) I\'ve never had a baby so when the weird stuff starts happening, I won\'t be able to help with any advice but I\'ll be here for you if you need me.

    I think Zia said that she had quit while she was pregnant and was still at the City the whole time. She may have some info for you on getting high while pregnant.

    Hempress is going to have a baby!!!!!!!! :D She\'s gonna be a little mama!!! That\'s so sweet.

    (I must be smoking the love weed today...I keep getting emotional! LOL! )
  12. congratulations hempress!!! im wishing you the best. being momma is one of the best things in the world.

  13. Congrats Hempress i sure do hope you stay with the city and keep us updated on how things are.
  14. GRATS!!!!!
    OMG W0000t!~!~!~!~!~!~!

    On the mom issue, I\'d say go with the casual conversation.
    \"So I went for some milk, deposited some cash, oh and had an ultrasound done.\" ehh on second thought...
  15. Well, I told my mom and my dad....my mom was upset, only because I\'m not married...she just wouldn\'t give that up...\"So when you getting married?\" \"You guys are getting married, right?\" \"I wish you two would get married\"...blah blah blah.

    My dad is ecstatic....big fucking deal. The first thing he said to me when he saw me was accuse me of smoking weed without him..which I didn\'t! He accused me of bringing it in the house and not hooking him up...he can go suck an egg. He doesn\'t deserve anything from me.

    And ZD, yes, I know who the father is :D Considering I\'ve only slept with one person in the past year, the choices are pretty slim. :)

    I\'m going to see the doctor next week, because I want a healthy baby. So I might have to quit after all. :)() But you can bet your ass I\'m still gonna stick around here! How could I leave you now? I might not post as much, but I\'ll still be here...so don\'t talk about me! ;)
  16. sorry to be the ass of the group, but i thought it was gonna be the \"first lesbian expieience thread.

    then i read i\'m pregnant and jsut sat back like........



    ............. .


    i dunno about the cannaboids, but i\'d stop until i knew if it was or not. its worth quiting for 9 months for a healthy baby:). i wish you the best of luck

  17. Dont ever quit coming here! We all love you, you know that :)
    So your dad is happy, why is that (yeah sarcasm) a big fucking deal?
    Hempress, how do you feel about all this?
    I want to know, how YOU feel about all of this. You, the father, your parents, mom, dad, how you feel about how they stand and support, and if you are happy with it, and the fathers parents at that, its their grandchild!
    and please do, QUIT. I only care...thats why I want to know this much...
  18. yupyup.. congratulations..
    like someone said though, you don\'t want your baby havin the munchies, do ya? some thread I think on this forum a while ago said something like, \"if you get high while pregnant you\'re gettin your kid high. you might as well blow smoke in your baby\'s face after it\'s born, or feed it weed brownies, it\'s all the same\" so.. yeah. if I were you I\'d stop.

    The hempress has a sprog in the making!

    just think, in 15 years time or so, you\'ll be thinking... \"gawdamn little fucker... after all i\'ve done for you... i should never have pushed you outta the womb... for the first year we hoped you\'d start speaking, now we just wish you\'d shut up...\" etc etc

    yikes... being a parent. scared? excited? overjoyed? nervous? ansxious? and other words to that effect? i should thinkso... you\'re gonna have a rugrat on the grow soon! :D that\'s the next 20 years of your life planned out already. care fo da kid. and i know you\'ll do a shit hot job of it... you\'ll raise an angel. .... well... either that or your kindess and coolness won\'t rub of on him/her and they\'ll rebel and become a complete ass. ;p

    really happy for you hempress! i saw this thread last night before falling asleep... but was too stoned/hungover to click reply and just crashed out.

    so have you spoken to the papa again yet? is he happy about it? .... and.... i hate to sound like your mum but im only asking... are you guys getting married? (i\'m only asking... not subtly \'telling\' in that way only mothers seem to have mastered... hey you\'ll have to master it in a couple years too when yer kid wont do as she\'s told.)

    idk if this is premature but....


    you got any ideas yet?

    i could come up with a dozen suggestions taylor made for you, but.... the only piece of advice i can think most important to give ya hempy, is, DONT CALL YER BABA \"DIGIT\"! ;) teehee.

    i was gonna make ya a kewl preggers av.... but during writing this my pain killers have kicked in making it far too difficult to concentrate on such complex delecate tasks such as making you pregnant. lol.

    oh... almost forgot... about the toking.... should be no biggy first three months... and for the rest....
    well... just dont be smoking bong loads chronic 24/7. ya hear me? a couple J per week will be fine fine fine. just goe easy. .... and don\'t try to pull the, \"no, i\'m allowed to joint hog because i\'m smoking for two\", it doesnt work like that. ;p

    ... and in a years time......

    when you\'re upto your ear holes in dirty nappies and have a headache from that lack of sleep and the constant screeming.... dont forget to come visit us EVERY day.
  20. I\'ve got a 3 month old and smoked right up untill i was 6 months pregnant( when i went into hospital for a while) and he is the most beutifull baby you\'ve ever seen!
    He\'s bright intelligent and definatly not under wieght! I still smoke now, and breast feed, so it really cant do him any harm!!
    As for telling your parents, just take a deep breath and say \" mum, dad, your gonna be grandparents!\" it worked for me!

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