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hong kong stash

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by The 420 Special, Nov 29, 2011.

  1. #1 The 420 Special, Nov 29, 2011
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    This is my current stash sorry for the WORST CAMERA my webcam broke like last month and i forgot where to get them.




    This isnt my whole stash i got about 1 and a half grams left for 200 HK (26 US)
    and an eight for like 400 HK. Yeah its expensive but it is good - im from california where i can get half O of Dank for 100. HAVE A GOOD DAY THIS STUFF CERTAINLY MADE MINE
  2. uh dude if u live in hong kong u might not want to be admitting to this on the internet. Marijuana is a serious offense over there. Maybe I'm just being paranoid lol
  3. on a scale of 1-5 legality of cannabis being 5, and criminal offense being 1,

    Hong Kong is: 3.5 besides i know enough cooked cops and powerful organizations :)
  4. Don't they like cut your head off for weed in china?

  5. good thing i dont live under chinese law
  6. dude a friend of mine from hong kong got arrested there smoking weed with his buddies at his usual spot. the cop was undercover, you chinese are sneaky. he is now getting drug tested every 2 weeks by hong kong government. such a chill dude what a shame.
  7. if you're not a citizen of hong kong, i wouldn't do anything illegal there. you could exiled or something man
  8. id eat afew mangoes before smoking that to make the most of it
  9. I always wondered what it's like trying to get bud over in china. Is it difficult? Do a lot of people smoke there? My immediate guess was no, but that may be a result of preconceived notions I have about a country I've never been too lol. Sorry, I'm an ignorant American :smoke:
  10. yea hong kong, dont be posting this stuff man........ get ur head chopped off like chop suey and ur thumb and forefinger chopped off (fingers u hold j with) no joke
  11. some nice buds from china man, all ive seen out of there is shit some villagers grew and it looked really schawggy
  12. #12 The 420 Special, Nov 30, 2011
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    haha nah i think mos stuff here is imported and trust me man we are chill with the security like im actually from Cali but moved to HK when i was 15 and had to stay until my parents move back in 2 years. I can get an 8th (like 4 grams) (of that stuff in pic) for 400 HK which i think is 51 US but i must say it is extrmemely easy to get good bud here just know the right dealers which i wouldnt do i just smoke. (but tell me if u coming out) the dealers are mostly PAkistani and ive gotten to know alotta cool people hanging in our spots with Pakis and Nigerians (theyre always like "one love brotha we roll d jay we share" and yeah we al l play reggae on speakers and freestyle with them. Pakistanis are cool to but they often have Hash :(

    -high rant, peace
  13. I like how the people that don't live there are telling you what they think the laws are...

    Good lookin stuff, solid prices, keep repping the US!

  14. yeah when i was reading that i had a "u srous wolf face" on my body
  15. Reported again. Fuck off with the spamming

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