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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Misty, Mar 15, 2004.

  1. Hi all.
    I was wondering has any of you ever made a honydust shaker? If so what did you use to filter the thc from the herb? I want to make my own because the price for such a device is rediculous. Any helpful info is very much appreciated.
  2. No one????
  3. These the same things as a kif box? I've never made one, but my friend has one. Paid like forty bucks for it, not too bad of a deal.
  4. Yes... I coudn't think of the name... (hey I'm from Holland LOL)
    The box is easily made, but I don't know what material to use to filter it.
  5. pantyhose?....yeah....worked for me, at least....
  6. i have a nice wooden one.. it has an EXTREMELY fine screen that filters the buds from the keef.. the keef falls onto a mirror in the bottom of the box, and then you go from there.. i paid 100 dollars for mine and it was well worth it

  7. Hmmm... pantyhose.... I could give that a shot. Thanks!

  8. $100 for a box??????? I can make a box for a couple of bucks... Too expensive for me. I hope you got some carving on it for that price. Any pic of it?
  9. Silkscreen? Fine metal mesh wire? A silkscreen might work, theyre used for screen printing so are made to let paint through, so the pollen should fall through aswell.

  10. i'll take the picture and show it to you.. you'll understand the price... really nice mahogany with a lock, about the size of a small laptop (so you can fit a lot of herb).. a fine screen and mirror built in.. just trust me.. its fuckin tech..
  11. besides silk maybe one of those gold coffee filters

  12. You made me curious!
  13. Wait, what does a honeydust shaker do?

    Someone explain this whole concept to me.
  14. a "honey dust shaker" or kif box box shakes the trichomes off the bud and collects them on a mirror that u can scrape it off and make hash or oil or just put it on a bowl

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