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  1. I've been doing some glass shopping lately, and my main goal is to get quality glass. I found on Craigslist a very nice tube, American glass, made in Cali, that's a stemless to a honeycomb perc. Now normally I would pass this up as I would usually only use a piece with a honeycomb perc for concentrates, but this bong is so damn good looking and is listed at a great price. Now, my question is, would I be able to use this piece for flowers without making the honeycomb perc absolutely filthy? I could buy an ash catcher, but that of course means more money and I love the look of stemless bongs without ash catchers.

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  2. TBH honeycombs should be used for flowers only because of how much diffusion they offer. I don't have personal experience with honeycombs, but if you want to keep the piece clean I'd suggest a carbon filter. Ever since I got mine it's literally made me go from cleaning once a week to once a month. Worth the investment in my opinion.
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    Honeycomb percs are great for flowers! My buddy has one, and it functions nicely for the smoking of the herb. As to the issue of cleanliness, it doesn't get that bad. You would think they would get all jammed up, and what not, but as long as you change the water daily/ rinse it out you should be fine. A carb filter is a great suggestion as well. Definitely decreases the amount of cleaning you need to do. But I would still advise to clean it once a week. In other words I would say grab it for sure! And enjoy Sent from my SGH-I337M using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  4. Sweet thanks guys I think I'm gonna try to go after this one. $130 with a glass nail, $150 with a TI nail. Might just go with the TI nail cuz that's a solid deal.

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