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"Honey Dro"

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by stuckinabong, May 21, 2010.

  1. Hey I was just wondering if anybody else has ever had what is called "honey dro" around here... it's real dank cali bud that the dealer dips in some opium. The nugs look like they're covered in a pretty solid yellow gooey looking honey... and it's really soaked through the bud and mega sticky. I dunno what opiates feel like as I dont do much else besides smoke bud, but it was definitely more than just a high from the bud.. I'll go into more detail if anybody asks but.. has anybody else had some opium covered bud?
  2. ive heard of it but never tried it.
    i've only tried bud mixed with mdma and that shit had me trippin balls
  3. omg that sounds so good I hope some hits B.C and if it has I dont know about it lol.
  4. honey oil bud is not opium its alcohol extracted thc cooked into an oil and then they dip the bud in it.
  5. I use butane. the quality and flavor is much better than alcohol made qwiso oil.

    good news is it isnt opium. too many folks fail to realize just how potent an extraction can be.:smoke:
  6. Im disappointed it isn't opium, lol. off to find legit opium to smoke ;)... but the oil you guys are talking about, does it match my description of the bud? is it yellow? and if this is really what you guys say, how the hell can I make my own? :smoke: I loved smokin that bud...
  7. yes it does we get that here in nevada

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