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honestly, how bad is marijuana for you?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by lopeturtle, May 26, 2010.

  1. so ive been smoking for around a year, but only frequently for the past month.

    im in like 4 ap classes, and yet no one smokes in those classes. and all my stoner friends are taking easy ass classes and struggling

    ive watched the union and other videos and it seems to me that weed isnt bad for you. but just wondering, then why dont many of my friends in ap classes smoke, if its not bad for you?
  2. Dude, it's simple. most of our peers in AP classes fell prey to the propaganda and lies about the herb, and then they conformed to the expectation of the "man". :cool:
  3. Why does it matter what others do? If you're one of those people who live their day by what others think then pot isn't for you. Oh, and pot doesn't make you unmotivated or stupid. That's genetics and the need for behavior modification.
  4. im in all AP classes as are a lot of my friends that smoke. I've found that the only people who are against smoking are prissy little bitches who whine and complain about everything.
  5. I'm in a very similar situation to you. I have only one friend that is in the higher level courses with me. All my other friends that blaze take sped classes.

    But to your question, I have one personal negative experience. My friend has smoked since about 8th grade, (we are now seniors and about to graduate). He's smoked so much that he needs to smoke to be sober and then keep smoking to get high. I'm not saying he has a high tolerance, which he does, but I'm saying he is dependant on marijuana. He has no appetite, and he says he feels just overall shitty until he smokes.

    The only thing is this could happen with anything. If you drink 7 glasses of milk a day and then stop, you'll obviously feel the effects. So what I'm trying to do, and what you should do as well, is smoke, but smoke in moderation. Smoke to get high, don't smoke to live.
  6. (insert giant list of famous/successful tokers)
  7. Yeah i've been thinking the same thing, you just got to have self control. The people in your class probably have been subjected to lies by the media.
  8. Face it, the one myth that is true is that a student with a D is more likely to smoke than a student with an A.

    Students with a D tend to be more easy going individuals who aren't afraid to say no to the mainstream and do their own thing where as many students with an A tend to be rather gullible for lack of a better term, overprotected and follow the "straight and narrow" path in life.

    Marijuana won't have a negative effect on your mental ability to learn (but if you are stoned and in school then your grades will suffer) and does not cause people to get low grades necessarily but more often than not, students with D's have lives and school isn't their biggest concern they are more likely to be the ones hanging out and having fun and getting into trouble.

    Unless a person has a D because they are a dumb shit then well, oh well.
  9. shit dude i bet you some of them toke they just keep it on the down low. they dont want the rep you get once it gets out your a stoner. I was in ap classes in highschool and i knew a lot of ppl in my classes that toked they just didnt want ppl to know outside of their circle ya know
  10. I did/do really well in the classes I care about and not well in classes I don't care about, both before and after I started smoking regularly. Today i got hooked up to a heart monitor/o2 meter for my wisdom teeth removal and the doc asked me if i was a runner or athlete or anything like that (i play ultimate frisbee every once and a while) because my heart rate, blood pressure, and O2 levels were all really good. Ive been smoking almost every day for 4ish months so idk what that says about smoking MJ ;)
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    same for me most of my friends are in easy classes but they get c's and b's while i get a's and b's in ap classes. most of them think they are smarter than me to i guess i come off as a stupid person for some reason

    i see how this can be true because i dont go around telling people that i smoke but if someone asks me in the middle of class if i wanna smoke a j after school i wont lie and tell them i dont smoke.

    theres an even bigger list of unfamous unsuccessful tokers
  12. That's like them wanting to know why you smoke. Don't worry about what other people do.

    I have a friend who drinks alcohol and smokes tobacco but not weed. He knows bud is harmless and the other shit will kill you.

    Some people think its "taboo" and/or are simply scared to try it. Anyone who thinks its bad needs to check their fucking map.
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    your ap class is ignorant to the fact that weed is better than those cigs.

    The stoner friends know that ap classes don't really mean anything as it only gets you ahead by a semester in college.

    the union is a good educational movie bro :)

    My way, I just got my ged ( dropped out at 17/junior) and enrolled in college. being clockin a 3.8 gpa since then.. next year graduation!!

    lol.. dude, i have some friends like that. I dont understand them.

    there is an even bigger list of unfamous unsuccessful nontokers.

    edit: unfamous isn't a word lol. and infamous doesn't fit this either.. but you guys get what im saying lol.

  14. Nice man, what degree are you working toward?
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    The Union pretty much covers it all. Its not that bad for you.. and a lot better for you than other legal drugs.

    lets for an example limit MJ as a pain killer and compair it to other commonly used pain killers

    Asprin side effects - stomach pain, heart burn, nausea and vomiting (long term use It is one of the leading causes of gastrointestinal tract complications, including micro-bleeding and ulcers. There is also a small but very serious risk of hemorrhagic stroke.) I dont even know what that is but it sounds fucked up

    acetaminophen (Tylenol) side effects - Acute liver toxicity, Allergic reactions including swelling, difficulty breathing, closing of throat, Abdominal pain, Nausea, Unusual bleeding or bruising, DEATH

    advil, motrin side effects - chest pain, weakness, shortness of breath, slurred speech, or problems with vision or balance.

    Marijuana - Trouble remembering things, Sleepiness, Anxiety, Paranoia, Altered time perception
  16. I always excelled in my computer classes and building pcs at a young age, so I decided to take up computer information systems. but really I'm thinking about going to med school after I get my degree... unless a million bucks dropped from the sky or some random good thing like that.

    side notes:

    I hate loans, but I love what they do for me.
    I also told myself that if I can get my 40 yard dash time down to 4.35 ( im 4.42 right now) before I graduate college,I'd make a run for the nfl and attempt to be a corner back.

  17. ye but how many times you think people ask the AP students if they wanna smoke a j? i know i dont just ask class mates to smoke lol

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