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  1. Well, as you know, i do smoke weed, lots of it haha, but this obviously is AGAINST THE LAW and i cant change that. haha so i have gotten into some trouble, and want some honest opinions on my charges, not on my lifestyle please. i dont want to be ragged on.

    Things already over
    I turned 18 last november, in january i got arrested for possession(misdimeanor), and paraphernalia(1st time, so misdimeanor) and contributing to a minors delinquency(felony) im a senior and my friends with me were juniors, so i spent two nights in jail. got out, and didnt get in any more trouble, went to court and everything AND my public defender got the felony dropped to a misdimeanor, and i agreed (for some dumb reason thats beyond me) to accept this punishment, If i dont get in any more trouble for the next two years, then its all gone, but if i do, its 365 days of jailtime on the shelf. My new lawyer(one of the best around) says that the public defender ****ed me over, and if i had him at the time it would have all gone away(running for mayor of the city this year, but noone is running against him) so i guess he is powerful.

    Now things to worry about lately.
    But two months ago, i got busted, i had one pipe and an empty baggie. So i got charged with this, Running a stop sign(excuse to pull me over) and gets me on that, he then proceeds to pull me over and he says ill just let you off with a warning, but then ****ing sees, a "seed" on the floor and searchs the car and finds the above mentioned items.
    So that paraphernalia charge was felony 1.

    Two weeks later i guess, i get stopped and they say there calling the dogs, so i just give him my weed and bong, so i didnt spend the night in jail, just got charged with another felony of paraphernaalia.

    Then ABout 3 weeks after that i get pulled over and they find a roach and a pack of papers, i get taken to jail, and thats felony number 3, BUT they did NOT read me my rights at all that night, i know for a fact they didnt cause i was sober and waited for them too, they never did. idk if that helps me any

    Now this 18th coming up is my court date for all 3, and i have a good lawyer, Don Nagalieson, and i pled not guilty to everything and were fighting them.

    Now my questions is, Whats your honest opinion is going to happen to me, jailtime?
  2. man it all depends on your lawyer. i've been in and out of trouble alot this year. i was facing a minimum of 2 years prison, 15 max for agg battery. luckily i got it plead down to a misdemeanor and didn't serve any time. if you have a good lawyer you'll be alright, but 3 felonies, if they find you guilty you're fucked. i would hate to see that happen to you man. best of luck.
  3. dude that really sucks man. seems like u get pulled over alot haha. but seriously a good lawyer can really help u out. were u caught high any of the times u got pulled over? and the thing with the rights, well i think that if they don't read ur rights then the charge gets dropped so if u can prove they didn't then that one should go away but be warned wen shit like that happens the police seem to put u on their hit lsit for making them look stupid. sorry bout all the bad luck man.
  4. I think that you stand a pretty good chance, getting off with lots of community service and probably weekly drug testing, perhaps license suspension. I know a friend who was in a similar situation as far as the felonies, except his first case that got dropped involved some other heavier shit. He didnt get any jail time, but got some like 250 hours of comunity service and mandatory drug testing for however long it took him to complete the service. Hopefully everything goes well for you, and it seems like your lawyer really knlows whats up and is gonna do his best to get you off as best he can. good luck.
  5. thank you very much, as i am very worried that my lawyer advised me that ABSOLUTE WORST CASE SCENARIO is that we wouldnt settle anything before court(more likely we settle with some community service or probation) that i could spend 10 years in Prison, WORST CASE. Best case is that i get probation.

    OH and could it help that i am trying to complete IOP(intense out patient reab)
  6. Dude. That fucking blows. Well, obviously it seems then under the terms of the deal they gave you, you're going to get a year in prison. They usually don't bend when it comes to agreements like that. Especially when you have 3 (or is it 4?) NEW charges against you. Personally I don't think they'll give you more than a year though, saying that your lawyer doesn't pull through and get any of your charges dropped (or even half of them probably for that matter). Being 18, and this being all for non-violent offenses, and especially since you didn't get intent, I think/hope that they would bend at least a little bit.

    That definitely possibly the worst thing that could've happened to you. I feel extremely extremely bad. Bad because you're looking at a year in prison, you're the same age as me (I was class '05), and for STUPID fucking reasons.

    I know my post sounds pretty negative, but just keep your head up. You have a good lawyer, weak charges (your state SUCKS by the way), and... and.... I don't know. Good luck man.

    edit: Also, the reason why I think your situation is extra shitty is because of the felonies. That's insane that a paraphenalia charge is a fucking felony. In my state all of your charges would be misdimeanors, unless you had over 40 grams of herb.
  7. Yeah, the out-patient will help for sure. One of my buddies got a DUI, started going to AA the day after he got pulled over, and got off pretty easy.

    Doesn't really mirror your situation, but you get the point.
  8. Yes, for being a pretty, hillbilly, besides western, and northern kentucky, state. (which are both very very populated) This state does suck becuase of the laws, it seems like this place would promote weed (in the town i live in, not hang out in, im rarely at home during the day, 90 percent of the people smoke, and 80 percent grow haha. its slack at my house, but when im at my friends houses, if a cop sees me, ANY boone county cop, he will flip around and pull me over, usually resulting in me being in jail, EVEN if its a bullshit reason
  9. That blows. The small towns that surround me are exactly like that. Speed traps like a mother fucker.
  10. ABSOLUTE best of luck dan. hopefully this lawyer gets those charges reduced

    fuck society for these shitty shitty rules
  11. I say quit your criminal activities and become an activist traveling from town to town by elephant.
  12. :rolleyes: kinda funny, not necessarily needed right now
  13. Umm to be honest, since you said be honest... your fucked. how do your get pulled over so much? i carry it on me all the time and i obey the traffic laws, its not hard, just dont speed. In less than a year you have gotten pulled over 4 times!?!? and caught 4 of those times. wouldnt you learn? i dont mean to be an ass, but i hope you the best one this shit. cause my friends bro is sitting in the slammer for slingin, cud get up to 4 years i think. so be careful from now on wont you? :D GL bro. im rooting for you.
  14. ummm. it doesnt matter, i do NOT violate ANY traffic laws, i obey them all as perfectly as i can, because i know if i dont, ill get pulled over, but it doesnt matter, ill get pulled over anyways and theyll make somen up. my car doesnt even smell like weed. they just bullshit around and make me let them search my car pretty much
  15. wow... you have bad luck man... to get pulled over so many times and have shjit on you every time...

    no idea whats gonna happen... depends on the judge
  16. What state do you live in? Because where I live those are mis, not felonys. Its not intent to distribute so you should be able to get off.

    They will proboly get dropped down any way, when I got arrested I had a scale on me (paraphanelia), and they charged me with intent to distriute the scale.

    My lawyer was just like what the fuck, its not like he had a bag full of scales, I think the scale was for him, not to sell.

    Sometimes the law does stupid shit, good lawyers fix it though.
  17. just south of cinci

    they are felonies for him

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