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  1. I have had a couple different bongs but never a honeycomb and I am super interested in buying one but I have never hit one i want one more for the appearance but i figured there had to be some blades with opinions on here about honeycomb bongs, so please share your thoughts good bad and the ugly:)

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  2. Only 5-6 of the honeycombs'll actually fire before you pull the bowl, they're real easy to clear

    Uh.. They stack bubbles decently which is always cool

    Honeycombs have less drag than your average piece

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  3. Somebody please explain to me the rocket science difference between a honeycomb perc and a single perc.
    A single perc has single big bubbles
    A honeycomb perc is several tiny bubbles.
    Does the honeycomb make the smoke smoother or something? Why the preference?
  4. Like BJ said, unless you get a heady piece usually only like 5 combs actually fire until you clear it. It's something that has always annoyed me about honeycombs. But all that extra room for airflow makes them almost drag less. Other than that they might be the best and simplest perc design. It's the hardest to screw up. I personally like shower heads the most. It depends what your using it for, oil, bubble or flower?
  5. ive never been a fan of honeycombs.  ive only tried cheap honeycomb percs though. 
  6. The smoke coming through is hot, you might not even notice it, but it is. Bigger bubbles don't cool as much as smaller bubbles, making it less smooth. A honeycomb isn't really about smoothness unless you stack them, it's more about clearing like nothing. All that extra airflow makes you able to clear like nothing. Smaller bubbles are a good thing for smoke, but bad for vapor. If you use a piece with insane diffusion for oil your just wasting oil because it's condensing on the sides. For smoke it really dosn't matter.
    I prefered old school bongs with rubber grommets before, but after hitting my friends honeycomb once i got into the "scientific" pieces. They really make a difference, you can have one for any smoking experience you desire. Do you want to not even realize your smoking it's so smooth? Get flavor punched? Have a piece that clears instantly? So many options.
  7. Im glad I got a little response, I am kinda sad now I might just go buy a nice new straight piece bong 😔

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  8. Honeycombs are deff better than a straight tube that's for certain.

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