honda element, hahahahaha!!!

Discussion in 'General' started by hippie john, Apr 6, 2003.

  1. Those new honda elements are so fuckin ugly:D hahahahhahhhaahhaa ahaha wahahahahha
  2. I'd have to deff. agree with you there mann...:smoke:
  3. Anyone seen that Chevy Cheyanne? That think was MADE to be ugly. Reminds my of a truck with a stoped up

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  4. Haha looks like a 300hp dildo on wheels, that's the dumbest fuckin lookin thing i think i eva seen!!!!
  5. O man i saw some guys driven a element around, it was like a big fucking metal box on wheels with a moped engine
  6. dont know whats uglier that or this.

    P.S. we should rename this thread the "worlds ugliest cars"

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  7. Ya know what's rad tho?

    The Nissan Xterra, supercharged, i want one!!!
  8. In your opinion, what makes a sweet lookin' vehicle?

    All other factors being equal, i'd say angles. I like angles, subtle but agressive, compund curves can look pretty sweet, but i like a vehicle that has distinct lines that blend, yet stand out. What i mean is the type of styling of the 80's imports such as the Honda Prelude, that's just a subtly viscoius lookin ride. It's got the sharp edges yet a mellow subdued look, nothing extraneous, minimalistic, but brilliant in simplicity.

    Don't misovastand me tho, i'm into curves if they're used properly, look at the new 350z, a friend of mine rolls one and everytime i see it i notice something new about it, and the bulges combined with a bold profile gives it the look of rippling muscles under metal skin, pretty rad.

    I want to get this concept built one day:

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  9. here's the 4 view, i'm no good at drawing 3d view.

    The chassis is a Honda CRX, the fenders are porshce 911, headlight s from a WRX, and a lot of custom chopping to reshape the cockpit and tailgate area. The wing is necessary as this car if ever built will be designed ground up to do roadcourse circuit battle and i'm gonna want a lot of downforce. I've got a front splitter design and a rear diffuser design floating in my head for additional balaced aerodynamic forces sucking this thing down to the track.

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  10. CRX be the shizzy nizzy

  11. i'm more into the 60's era. like this \/ \/ \/ \/

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  12. its all bout that Hippie Van
  13. damn right!!!:):cool:
  14. The CRX is tha shit!!! I got a '90 and it's the best overall vehicle i eva owned. I gotta mild tune on it and make around 110hp peak when it comes on ram boost and the CAI gets ~2lbs of upper deck presssure.

    The CRX feels more like riding an enclosed sportbike than driving a car, it's in it's own class and as for fun factor on a scale of 1-10 i give a 26 haha!!


  15. hahaha seriously!! ^_^
  16. hippie john, you're my hero...

  17. Ya know what would be rad? A Honda B-18 engine in a microbus!!!

    That won't be hard to build either, just think of having the veedub with the feel of reliable honda fuel injectin, with a mild tune that would be a rad vehicle for road trips, cause then ya can climb mountain roads with ease and cruise the highway gettin like 25-35 mpg

    If you do the conversion tho you gotta use a honda 5 speed gearbox with cable shift linkage so it'll be easy to mount.

  18. an awesome car with what I think are good lines, but many people overlook is the original eclipse design. The body style from 90-94 is pretty bad ass. It isn't as showy as the 95-99 or 00-up, but it's pretty mean and it's all business. You find and awd turbo and you can tear people up stock. People have broken 13's in the 1/4 with nothing more than free mods and an exhaust. You don't see many people doing body mods on the 1g dsm because real dsm tuners know how much more fun it is to keep putting that money into the engine rather than vinyl, body kits, and wings.
  19. When i was buying my CRX i had the option to buy a '92 eclipse GST, for $1000 more but i didn't wanna spend that cause i needed the money for other stuff, but someday i will own a 1g GST, they're tha shiz'nit'o'bam, the 2nd gens suck tho, traany is weak, and there's too much damn useless flash, the new ones are just fuckin dumb IMO and are so fuckin wannabe trendy lookin it makes me sick. I absolutely hate the new trend of every factory car coming with altezza euro taillights, if i wan tez's on a ride i'll put em on, but if i want a subdued mellow look there's no option for a lot of new DSM and Nissans, Just give me simple, clean, aerodynamically rounded, yet angular and bold.

    Another comlaint i have with modern vehicles is the lack of road feel. Billions of dollars goes into engineering vehicles that are silent inside, smooth, cushy, and remarkably dangerous in the lack of sensory input provided to the driver. Excessively low input torque power steering, sound deadening body panels, and soft plushy suspension create a dangerous situation of isolation from the environment. I feel safer driving my rex than a caddy, cause in my rex i can see, hear, and feel everything, road surface angles are felt in the steering wheel, a difference of 5lbs of tire pressure makes the car pull, which makes it advanatgeous to keep your tire pressure maintained.

    My biggest complaint tho is not about cars but about licenses. Auto licenses should be issued after a ~40 hour mandatory driving school, focusng on all aspects of driving. City traffic, highway, twisting country road, and experience on a performance oriented driving course. Just as we do for pilots, make drivers have to demonstrate control of a car in a skid or loss of control situation, the abilty to put defensive driving into practice rather than just marking true or fales a few times on a piece if paper. Then whe a driver proves he/she is proficient in the handling of a vehicle they are issued a license. Special licenses would b required for passenger cars with a power/weight rato under 15:1 or total horsepower over 200hp (approximately that of an out of the box Integra type R) SUV's and Trucks will be exempt because of the requiremenbts of horsepower for proper towing power. Licenses will also be the same for every state, with the exception of the state logo on the top, but all other paramteers and typeset will be standardized.

  20. I love DSM's. Both 1Gs and 2Gs have weak trannies, that's a notorious weekness that most dsm owners will tell you about. I agree that the 2Gs are too flashy and the 1G has some badass style. The new one's aren't considered DSMs any more by 1g and 2g owners. They sold out on the design and got rid of the turbo engine. Basically, they killed the eclipse. If you wanna read up on DSM's head over to or I could write about these cars all day long. I have about $3000 dollars in mods planned for my car when I get it so that I can hopefully get high 12's in the 1/4 and still have enough money for some lightweight rims.

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