Homo sapiens is an animal under high stress

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  1. I think people are so aggressive in America because they are stressed out. We're always going going going. We have to drive to work at 70 MPH, drive to lunch at 55, drive to kids' school at 15, and drive back home at 70.

    We're always going faster than is normal.

    We're generally always waiting for something: A paycheck.

    We hate our jobs, hate our spouses, hate our peers.

    Road rage is everywhere.

    We're just always under stress. When animals are under stress, they snap and act out and are uncharacteristically vicious.

    Breathe in.
    Breathe out.

    Slooooooowww downnnn.
  2. Driving is only stressful because it's not something that's taken seriously and there are so many idiots who are self-absorbed and unaware and that's what makes the experience shitty.

    Otherwise, I'm at my most peaceful at 100+

    Other than that, I agree.
  3. Driving fast is fun, and if you hate everything about your life, thats your fault.
  4. lmao mushroom. yeah everyone is under some sort of stress. it comes more with us being intelligent creatures and we can over interpret our surroundings. like how some people cant stop thinking about the future and they worry about say 2012 so much they get under a lot of stress from it
  5. "Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own."

  6. Combined with the media constantly trying to keep people afraid of each other . . ..

  7. Exactly! What are some other examples?

    People need to chill out, myself included.
  8. Humans in america get stressed because everything nowadays is bullshit, we not free and never will be.
    But i guess theres alot of good things too like family and weed.
  9. this is true bruh. we're flooded with images of how we should think 24/7. it's tough to stay relaxed in such a shitestorm.

    everyone needs to take some deep breaths and put on a soothing CD or something.
  10. Well if you look at it from that way, yea.

    But think of humans as animals with technology. We don't even do half the work our ancestors did. Those guys had to hunt for food, if they didn't, they died. They were prey to nature (other animals, climate, etc), etc. They had to survive, today we thrive. Those guys were under some real heavy stress, nowadays, we've reached a level so high of comfort, we are easily depressed, sad, etc. Our achievements go against biological programming, for example, sitting in chairs. Humans weren't not created to sit (sit is the keyword) in chairs, and as result, sitting in chairs is bad for our health. Also, when you use a toilet. Humans weren't created to sit in toilets and when we do, its worse for our health than squatting (which we are programmed to do by nature). Of course, those are just some examples of how comfort can be bad for you sometimes, now apply it to different aspects of the human experience.
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    What's society's cure for stress or anxiety?

    (like the dude in Blue Collar Comedy Tour)
    "Here's your pill".

    Society has a lot of pressure on comfortability.. It's amazing how comfortable you become when you get away from all the requirements and just enjoy our natural perfection, like say going hiking or climbing a mountain.
  12. And the final factor; an unhealthy diet. You are what you eat, your brain needs nutrients too.

  13. death is your freedom
  14. “Freedom is something that dies unless it's used.”
    - Hunter S. Thompson
  15. I think the stress has everything to do with every part of our life.
    Bad diet, lack of physical fitness (or movement at all), lack of sleep, and being surrounded by other stressed out people.
    Is it maybe so that people go on their daily, uninteresting lives with a reason to why they are miserable?
    As long as they don't have to change their unhealthy choices, they justify it as a bad day that has nothing to do with how they eat, sleep or move?
  16. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OZlSQnlDU-k]The Tourist - Radiohead - YouTube[/ame]

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