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Discussion in 'General' started by Sir Stoner, Dec 31, 2012.

  1. So i bought a big 2 gallon jug of 100% grape juice and drank like 1/4 of it and left it in a glass jug, in my
    Closet ( i keep munchies and shit in there) and so a couple weeks later its like 3 am
    And im thirsty as hell so i take a big ass swig of it and it turned to wine, actual, alcoholic, wine. When i screwed the lid off it was extremely carbonated and made the noise when you open a new soda, has anyone else experienced this, PS i drank it and got a pretty decent buzz, and the yeast was natural in it or something
  2. im not totally sure but you cant just leave grape juice out and it turn to wine
  3. Well i just did, and i googled it, the sugars that are in there turn into yeast aka creating the alcohol, it taste better than regular bottled wine
  4. If it's not Welch's I don't give a fuck. I fucking love Welch's. You ever try those Welch's fruit snacks?
  5. yeah you are right. I looked it up. Lucky you got some stuff that tastes good. I would have figured it would have came out nasty as hell. Looks like you're on your way to becoming a vintner. ha
  6. It was welch's 100% grape juice :D
  7. Are you jesus
  8. Haha you sound so baked
  9. From what I remember from the old days:

    Juices have wild yeast in them. The unknown is will they turn it to wine or vinegar? Looks like you got lucky, haha.

    If the fruit juice has been pasteurized supposedly it kills everything. Was yours raw juice or canned stuff from the store?
  10. They call this "home brew" in Alaska, when they ferment store bought grape juice in dry counties and villages, using yeast though.

    It's supposedly very nasty. Sounds like OP got lucky with his accidental home brew.
  11. Do you live in alaska?

  12. Nope, alaska state troopers is an awesome show though, on Discovery. Or Nat Geo, I can't remember.

    But i'm from pa.
  13. Yeah, if you want to make wine from pasteurized/processed juice, you would have to add yeast. This is actually a good thing though, cuz then you don't have to worry about wild yeasts fucking the brew up. :eek:
  14. The grape juice i had apparently had natural yeasts in it
  15. Yeah, must be.

    I made apple wine one time by doing nothing but putting an airlock on a jug of fresh, unpasteurized apple cider.
  16. I'm pretty sure you have to ADD yeast and put a balloon on the lid to make wine.
  17. Nat geo very awesome show
  18. As I noted on an earlier post, fruit juices have natural yeasts (and sugars) already in them. They can turn into wine or vinegar depending on which yeast takes over. The airlock insulates it from wild airborne yeasts. (I'm going from memory here -- it was a LONG time ago that I made wine :( )

    People have been making wine for hundreds (thousands?) of years -- long before anybody knew what "yeast" was, or how to culture it.
  19. If your grape juice had any kind of yeasts in it and it was factory sealed, you have a contaminated batch. Instead of drinking it, I'd be filing a lawsuit and making money instead of junk wine. Contaminated grape juice with yeasts, yikes. Not knowing what the yeast was could be deadly. Yeast is a FUNGUS.

    That's why these drinks go through pasteurization processes.

    Sue them
  20. Hello Jesus.

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