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homemade tokin pieces, bad?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by cann uhhhh biss, Aug 13, 2011.

  1. have you ever made that bomb ass piece that ripped better than some of your glass you bought at the headshop. Im just saying cause i want to see if its possible if i could make one just as good as the glass mini-bubbler my mom just found. :D

    pictures and/or how to make it would be legit.
  2. sure its possible, make a gbong and get high bruddda
  3. Gravity bong.

    Bottle (bigger is better, but it has to fit inside bucket)

    Fill bucket with water. Cut bottom third of bottle off. Make an airtight bowl that goes through the cap (keep the stem end above the water level). Light, pull bottle up slowly. When weed is finished, unscrew cap and quickly put mouth on. Inhale while pushing bottle down. Careful not to inhale the water, it tastes like shit.

    Replace water every few uses. Putting ice in helps cool the smoke.
  4. I have made some many homemade pipes man.

    Best one ever was I had one of the big Gold Peak tea bottles and a copper pipe that was the same size of a down stem. Drill a hole the size of the pipe in the bottom side an inch or two up. Then put the pipe in how it would look on a normal bong. The bowl I used was a socket and it slid right on the pipe so the bowl can be removed easily to remove ash. Then drill a large shotgun hole anywhere above the water level. I warped tape around it and made it look bad ass.

    The second good homemade piece I made put me on my ass many times.

    They call it a dry grav around where I live but it is also called a lung.

    Its exactly like a gravity bong but you tape a bag the size of the 2 liter gravity bong and just pull the bag out of the 2 liter dry grav to pull smoke from the bowl into the container just like a normal gravity bong but it gets so much more smoke.
  5. for years ive made all different kinds of contraptions out of household objects until i finally bought a bong haha.
  6. [ame=]Best Homemade Inline - YouTube[/ame]
  7. Made a sick 3 footer from a pipe and a few broken bong parts ( base, stem & bowl ) was just as good as any other non glass 3 footer, was all airtight n shit
  8. my friend made an arizona iced tea bong, out of the glass bottles of course. He just used a glass cutter and made a hole for his downstem. Works amazingly well and it was cheap.
  9. The best homemade bong i have ever made was from a gold peak tea/fuse bottle. These bottles have about 150 little divots at the bottom. If you poke a tack through every divot then put a stem through the side of the bottle then through the center of the bottom, then cut the bottom of another gold peak tea and put it over the bottom so it is air tight. this creates a little chamber. next if you want to you can bend the bottle near the top so it is more comfortable. this piece will stack all the way to the top and have the smoothest hit you can find for less than $200, it only costs about $3 and maybe a little blood if your making it while your stoned haha. but forsure the best piece i have ever had, the only negative is you can only take about 50 rips out of it before it gets all gummed up but its cheap to make a new one. i would upload a couple of pictures but idk how.
  10. The bong is my profile pic

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