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Homemade "Sneak-a-toke" + How to make one!

Discussion in 'DIY and Homemade' started by TobieTobie, May 19, 2009.

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    :smoking:Hello there, grasscity community!

    Today, I would like to show you all my discreet homemade pipe.

    To start off, here are some pictures.​


    Not that stylish, but nonetheless could make a handy "sneak-a-toke" if your a cheap-ass like me and bother with homemade pipes. :cool:

    How can I make one?

    It's very easy.
    This will not take hours to do or make (such as some of the homemade pieces here on GC), but it did take me about an hour to think off, finding supplies, and general looking around the house to see what I could find.

    What you need!
    1. Chapstick
    2. Scissors
    3. A lighter
    4. Glue Gun (If you want your pipe to not look like the bottom of mine)
    5. A BIC Pen with plastic tubing (will show pic)
    6. A Metal Nut, Bolt, or Screw for a bowl

    How to prepare to smoke out of this thing.

    1. Chapstick Case - What you need to do is empty its contents to create a hollow shell. For the little spinning thing that most Chapsticks have, you should tear it off by cutting it off or just sheer force it out. Clean it well.
    2. Bowl + Tubing - Tear of the tube part of the BIC Pen and cut parts of it to fit inside your bowlpiece. Melt the tip of the tube so that it can be more airtight when sticking to your piece. Stick the tube and pipe inside the hollowed shell of the Chapstick to see how long you want it. Then, cut it.


    3. Superglue it to the bottom of the hollowed shell so it doesnt fall out. When you take out the spinning thing out of the Chapstick Case, the hole should be about half the size of the hole where the Chapstick comes out off. Try and align the tube with the hole so it's airtight and perfect.
    4. Alternative To 3 - You could melt it like I did. Although it will lack in discreetness than using the superglue, it still works better, especially for those where the bottom hole is too big for the BIC tube.

    Heres the Plot Diagram

  2. looks hazardous to your health...

  3. completely...
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    Well if you look at the diagram its a metal bowl with smoke going through a plastic tube and into your mouth.

    The smoke doesn't make contact with the casing at all.

    So its like most homemade pieces anyways. :D

    Also, BIC plastic is pretty safe IMO.
  5. Yeah, I prefer to shy away from plastic, but I will rep you for the how-to. :)
    Anyone making weed more accesible is a friend to me.
  6. Sounds like you are implying you need a new connect lol.
  7. what if you made the inner tube metal, the innertube of my bong is metal and heats up, if your inner plastic tube does the same and starts melting you will inhale it and might not know. great idea though i wouldnt have thought of using chapstick
  8. Actually, I get MMJ. I'm just talking about making it easier for those without a pipe nearby.
  9. Well, I don't have a metal tube, and if I did, i would have some trouble making it airtight to the metal bowl.

    BIC plastic is pretty thick, and I've tested it out myself.
    Heating up the bowl for about 45 seconds while using a fan to suck air (behind a fan lol)
    The flame goes through the bowl, but unless your trying to suck cock, the flame wouldn't go far enough or heat the bowl hot enough to melt the plastic or create any other type of impurities.
  10. i wouldnt chance it myself, ive had a bad experience where the metal bowl melted the plastic and it just became ew, if it really doesnt burn bad i might make one of those, how long did your first one last you?
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    What do you mean first one last me?
    But yeah, BIC plastic pens is pretty thick (and I mean these kinds https://www.officevalu.com/Products_Images\sprimages\EJImages\EJ030564.jpg)

    Those take a hell of a long while to melt compared to other plastic solutions, and I also cut up a metal screen and put it on the bowlpiece too. ;)

    If your talking about how long my bowlpieces last before ever melting the plastic?
    They last a really long time lol.
    This plastic is really the only one I've ever used for my metal pieces.
    I have the lead pencils too, and the older pens, but they all melted because of the piece.
    This one, however, seems to stay true to most heats I put it through.
  12. metal which heats up in direct contact with plastic that can release toxic fumes... yeah no thanks
  13. Second.. I use glass and wood lol wood
  14. Im gonna try this out. Does it hit well? pics of it in action?
  15. It hits very very harsh.
    But showing how it hits is hard o_o it isnt clear or anything.
    So just follow the diagram lol.
  16. Hm. Get a pic of how much smoke you can exhale from it? So we can see how big of hits you get.
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    I'll do it after my drug test on Thursday if the thread is still alive lol.
    Generally its a 1-hitter. Hits harsh and the hits aren't TOO big, but they still hit pretty well. If I still had my friends tobacco from the hookah salon we went to I would show you how big I can hit off that, but unfortunately, I don't see him till 2 days from now as he went on a road trip to Vegas. haha.
    It's been serving me for about a week (but I quit a week ago again because of my probation thing).
    Don't touch the metal bowl after you hit it lol. :) it burns like HELL.
    Much better to smoke out of a piece or bong.
    but when your on the go, like I am all the time, and want to keep it low-key, I keep that thing in my pocket and it doesn't disappoint ;D
  18. I would NOT smoke out of this.

    It looks like a chillum for someone underaged and wants to fuck up their health.
  19. I everybody! I'm new here, good to talk to you guys!
    I see the post TobieTobie made about making a pipe with a Chapsitck, and i try it right before finishing reading it! It make a really good pipe for travel! easy to hide!!
    Mine is really fucking awesome, and nobody could tell it was not a lip balm!!
    I use some of the "how to' information that TobieTobie use, cause it was like the same thing to do!. No hard feeling i hope, TobieTobie!!

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  20. Here's how to make a much better one. Find one of these pens at like your local store:

    Zebra F-301

    Next, take it apart, and take the tip of the pen, and the middle tube. Take the tip, turn it around, and stick it into the tube, so it's like a bowl. Next, find a soft pen grip, and put it on the other side(it heats up, so the grip makes it so you don't feel the heat on your lips).

    Next, pack bowls, smoke trees, get high. :smoking:

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