Homemade Pocketbong

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by le4ch, Aug 21, 2003.

  1. This is a cool mini pocket bong i made in 10 mins, it is 5inches tall and made out of a staw / mini sunnydelight bottle / and a top for icing shooter thingy.

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  2. I thought of that you know! I have the bowlpiece and half of the straw insulated with foil. hehe

  3. im confused. whats an icing shooter thing?

    nm - it dosn't really matter. i thought it had something to do with cooling the smoke with ice.
  4. You can replace that straw with the metal part of a gerbal water dispenser for about 2 dollars. I made a bowl a while back with one of em and it worked great. Fuckin stoners. :wave: Good idea.
  5. Fuckin nice idea - will have to try it - unless you patent it first hehehe
  6. straw is a bad idea
  7. i used it 1 time thne threw it away .. basiclly a disposable bong. :)
  8. actually it got stashed.. under a well used trail bench =/

    probably could have been good for a few more smokes if we hadnt of lost the lid
  9. ahha that bong was so handy! :) i miss the little fellow it got us pretty baked, and then we got freaked out cause the flashing lights then ran int othe woods and got scared again then ran into some fellow stoners and took some lung hits :) what a day haha
  10. what a day? i was trailing behind them when i heard a scream and i thought i heard people getting dismembered (what does dismemberment sound like, anyway?) i was so scared wtf
  11. Have you ever seen someone decorate a cake? The have those bags the they squeeze and icing comes out the corner. They put different tips on the end of the corner to get different looking icing to come out. He used one of those.
  12. lol my "bong" looks like that too...but i didnt use tape to hold it in place I used gum and then put it in the freezer so it would be frozen and the bottle is hard hard plastic...my mom couldnt handle it HAHHA. I havent gotten high in like forever lol but I still have it tho. Nice bong man!
  13. That looks like crap man... and to big for your pocket...

    I got one that blows that outta the water :D
  14. i was not tryingto get some kick ass bong sorry......
  15. hey me and my friends make one of those about everyday but we use like rachett pieces and stuff for bowls and pens instead of a straw... They work very good. and if your really high the bubbling sounds really cool

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