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  1. I just moved to florida from cali (not my choice trust me) ive got access to some dro but im lacking a pipe until i get one whats a good homemade pipe to make? thats durable
  2. A pen and tinfoil is what I always default to when going home made. Super easy to make. Or a half gallon milk jug bong.
  3. Gravity/waterbong. Most efficiant homemade bong/piece I've ever had the pleasure to use.
  4. The best homemade is organic.. an apple. Durability doesn't matter you can get another one.
  5. Thank you Those are all good ones (waterbongs/gravity r a personal favorite:smoke:) i wanted somthing that can collect resin and i figured that out i took a strong peice of aluminum tubing and cut it to size an shaped it out with the some pliars and taped it with electrical tape and fixed a socket on it and put a screen it works excellant il post here in a few minutes a picture.
  6. I would love to see a picture of this pipe, man!:cool:
  7. ok youll need some equipment for this but i made a pretty sweet pipe like this first you take a peice of dow rod or w/e to the length you want your pipe to be then drill a big enough hole to put a small socket in half way down one end of the pipe then drill a hole from opposite side one the side just far enough so it intercepts thehole that has the socket sitting in it... perferibly a small socket... this is confusing heres a pic ... http://i1203.photobucket.com/albums/bb383/benzomike/grass/1003002354.jpg if you dont understand this just PM me id be glad to help :smoke:
  8. dont mess around with plastic or tinfoil. just use the good old gravity bong. simple to make and it conserves the fuck out of weed. if you dont know how to make one just google it. they take all of 5 minutes start to first smoke.
  9. [​IMG]
    i made this glass bong when i was a freshman in high school. the slide was made from all metal parts that i collected from pens for about a year until all the pieces fit perfectly. I used JB weld to seal the down stem in because its very heat resistant and strong. This bong was hands down the best homemade piece that ive ever ripped. R.I.P. Voss
  10. Bro get your self a trumpet mouthpiece, put that bitch in a water bottle and boom theres a bong.

  11. That just made my whole day!

    I just took a huge rip from a gravity bong I made with a pitcher, an arizona tea bottle, water, my trumpet mouthpiece, and some foil.
  12. haha, well today i stayed home sick from school (i reakky do have a cold) and i decided to get high. Im pretty noobish, and this is the first time i decided to get high by myself, so i dont have a peice yet so i first made an apple pipe, which really wanst working, then i tried rolling a joint, which mostly seemed to make me cogh, it was the shittiest joint ever. then i grabbed a metal pen and took off the cap and turned it upside down. i held the two peise together and it worked beautifuly like a one-hitter. Im baked as shit.:yummy::yummy::yummy::yummy::yummy:

  13. Hahahaha. Agreed. Do you eat them after you are finished smoking?

  14. I love your smiley faces man!
  15. I have this tiny one-hitter type thing for sneaky toking.
    Its basically a socket and a black and mild tip. Put the socket into the black and mild tip and boom, your tiny piece.
    The cool thing is it hits really good, and is not too harsh for a piece that size.
    If anybody wants to try it out let me know how it works for you.:cool::D
  16. Take a carrot and break in half and keep the end with the top. take a philips head screw driver and drill a hole down the center. do the same on top for a bowl. for a bigger bowl take a knife and cut a cone shape into top. works great :)

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