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Homemade Pieces

Discussion in 'DIY and Homemade' started by lightoneup, Dec 14, 2011.

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    Alright so I've got a few homemade pieces I'd like to share: a pipe, a water bong, and a gravity bong that take about 5mins to make. Also I'll throw in an apple for kicks. I use these on a regular basis, despite being of legal age. I'm just too lazy to go to the headshop, judge me.

    CTRL+F if you're looking for something particular, this could get really big.

    Table of Contents:
    1. Precautions
    2. FAQ's
    3. Bowl
    4. Stem
    5. Standard (One-Hitter) Pipe
    6. Water Bong
    7. Gravity Bong
    8. Apple
    9. Sploof

    A few precautions before you go crazy with the arts and crafts:
    1. Always avoid aluminum.
    2. Glassy is classy.
    3. Smoke collects.

    Just to break down the science about my precautions, one because aluminum, at high temperatures, oxides, two because glass has to get as hot as lava before it changes at all, and three because smoke collects particles that we inhale and that can be the cause for many lung problems. People say BIC lighters do not heat the aluminum enough to cause oxidation, but I would still be discreet and avoid aluminum at all costs.

    But back to the imagination:
    Pipes, bongs, bowls, and literally any other smoking device can be duplicated with everyday household items.


    How is this knowledge useful?
    Your friends come over and you guys are bored. Instant bonding.
    Your pieces got confiscated and you need a quick easy replacement.
    You lack funds, or would rather spend money on chronic.
    You just enjoy knowledge.
    You're trolling.

    I won't lie and say homemade grinders are the next biggest thing. I own a titanium space case that I will swear by until the day I die. Grinds fine, pure, and never dulls. But back to pieces.

    Zebra F/G-301 SS Pen, socket from a socket wrench, or anything you can think of as long as it's grown from the earth nontoxic, paper, wood, or even an apple, or simply just a purchases glass bowl, it works best.

    Can pretty much be anything as long as it's not getting heated. For instance, a cheap BIC pen's plastic barrel taped to a bowl. Remember to keep the tape away from any fire.

    Zebra pen end in a cheap BIC pen's plastic barrel, or even a socket taped to the plastic barrel. Another Bowl+Stem is just the Zebra pen barrel with the end wedged into it, good for the Gravity Bong.

    Standard (One-Hitter) Pipe
    Items needed:
    Zebra F/G-301 SS Pen, scissors/knife with sharp point, sharpie for the diagram enthusiasts, and a pill bottle.

    Here's the how to video:
    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0hjsOTt4pyg]Make The Best Homemade Smoking Device Ever in 5 minutes (zebra 301) - YouTube[/ame]

    Glass bowl attached to the steel barrel end of the bowl piece, bigger bottle for a larger collection of smoke, and/or water added to create a bubbler.

    +Pretty safe scientifically speaking
    +Hits Well
    +Collects cash debrees safely
    +Fast Creation
    -Without upgrades it generally lacks social use

    10/10, probably perfect because of its portability, filtration process, and it's ease of use and creation. Although I won't say it gives the best hit.

    Standard Water Bong
    Items needed:
    Bowl+Stem, water bottle and a cheap knife with a sharp point or scissors.

    Drill a hole near 1/3 of the bottle from the bottom of the bottle for the stem+bowl. Make sure to keep the hole a snug fit for the stem+bowl. At a comfortable place around the lid add a carb if wanted, and remove the lid to create the mouthpiece.

    +Hits Smoothly and Well
    +Fast and Easy Construction
    -Depends on construction
    -Sometimes feels awkward
    -Not so discreet

    8.0/10, despite a fair amount of cons for what it's worth the bong hits smooth and well.

    Glass bowl, or heck just buy a bong.

    Gravity Bong, a personal favorite
    Items needed:
    Zebra Bowl+Stem, a cheap sharp pointed knife, and a Gatorade bottle, and a water source.

    Drill a hole that drains water at a steady flow from the bottom of the Gatorade bottle. Remember to make the hole in a comfortable, easily accessible, location because you will be plugging the hole with your finger. Take off the lid of the Gatorade bottle and drill a hole in the center that allows the Zebra Bowl+Stem to stay snug in it.

    To toke load the bowl first, then plug the hole with your finger while you fill up the bottle with water, secure the lid with the Bowl+Stem and lightoneup as you release the plug and watch as gravity itself takes the hit. How ironic. Unscrew the lid when there's about 1/3 of the water remaining and inhale the glorious fumes. Pretty nice right?

    +Hits Well
    +Wastes virtually nothing
    +Collects a potent, visible, gas
    +Discreet with sploof and privacy
    +Easily made
    -Plug can be tricky at first

    9.5/10, not quite perfect, still working on how to make it perfect, but as far as how well it hits it gets a 10/10.

    I'm thinking about snagging a cheap water jug with a plug and a lid and turning that into the base. That way you would only need to release the tap instead of your finger and a plug,, making it easier to fill up and everything.

    Apple (for kicks.)
    Items needed:
    An apple with a solid round form and a shallow bowl area around the stem, and a cheap BIC pen plastic barrel.

    Step 1: Remove the stem.
    Step 2: Stab a hole through the center, but not through the apple, with the barrel.
    Step 3: Stab another hole to connect the previous hole.
    Step 4: Test the suction of the holes.
    Step 5: Carefully pack a bowl where the stem was.
    Step 6: Lightoneup quickly so nothing falls threw but cash.

    +Potentially Organic
    +Hits Pretty Well

    7.0-8.5, very risky if you get a juicy apple and you can't lightoneup or sometimes it seems like you're wasting. A fun experiment everyone should try, nonetheless.

    Just the cardboard roll at the end of your standard toilet paper roll stuffed with dryer sheets. Works well. You blow the smoke through this to essentially make the smoke smell like dryer sheets. Another is a similar device, but with activated carbon, i.e. from fish tank filters. Lastly, a towel works well if spray it with axe body spray after you blow the smoke into it.

    In the future I'm working on a homemade vaporizer, a better Zebra pipe, and maybe I'll actually post some photos and diagrams. Also I'll add some homemade devices you guys post, rate, and comment on them.
  2. Great post, man. Now, these zebra pens are safe to smoke out of? And do you use the tip from which the pen actually comes out of as a bowl?
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  4. I admire/respect your work.
    Thanks for sharing.
  5. Sticky this muthafcka

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