... Homemade pharmaceuticals?

Discussion in 'General' started by Vicious, Sep 26, 2007.

  1. I had so much in mind about what I was going to say and already it's begging to slip away.

    Now to most, this will sound like total bullshit. It did to me and I still think it sounds iffy. One my boy's has this hook up with a licensed chemist. On the side he makes MDMA, 2CI, and the new hit at my school "Val 30's". Now when I first heard this I laughed. Who the fuck would make homemade benzo's. If they are truely benzos I don't believe they're the chemically identical to vals but it appears to be similar. Over the past couple days these have been going around I've heard they're like an uber-xan. I never do drugs I know little about but after seeing people on these they look like they're xan's to the max.

    As I said, I never advocate uneducated drug use but concluded theres appear to have little harm potential. I'm sure I've done worse.

    I got one today for $4.

    +30min I thought this shit was bunk
    +45 I'm slowly slipping into a state of slowed down time and creeping euphoria. I have that xanax drunk feeling. No anxiety and I'm extremely content. I could look at a wall all day and be fine with it. I'm begining to feel mind fucked. It's a challange to type this. 3/4 of everyrthing i've typed has been completely butchered. Thank god for spell check.

    I thoght these would be bunk but as I begin to fade it seems my 4$ was well spent.

    Who knows, I probably got an H-Bomb or something. Everyones saying 'val 30's' but I'm skeptical of that.

    Anywho, I don't need a bunch of people flaming me for trying something I know little about, especially something 'homemade'.

    It came in a capsle, white powder. Looked kinda like 2ci but it's definitively some sort of downer. I'm loving it though as its slowing kicking in more and more.

    Don't really know what to think about it but it apparently sounds legit for whatever it may be. I might grab two for the weekend, they'd be perfect with a couple hits.
  2. I'm fucked up, next time i'd like to start off with two.... thats the way I am with every pill though. I feel straight xan'd

    I cant wait for this girl i've been talking to for a little. No anxiety, I'm going to throw down some hardcore mack. too bad homecomings coming up and I don't really want to go to that shit, but if i'm planing on making a move it seems inevitable. Shes going with friends. So I can be a lamer and not go, or get caught up in all kinds of school function and courtship shit I don't feel like touching with a 30' pole. If I start a relationship now I'm going to get stuck in it, assuming she even wants me but if I wait someone else might snag her.
  3. I passed out so I didn't get to feel the peak. I wondering if I should try it again or put $5 towards bud.
  4. could be anything man. never heard of people making thier own benzos before. I usually get white bars for $3, unless I buy in bulk. the 1mg generic blues are the best and they go for $2 a pop.

    IDK that whole pill making thing sounds sketchy. they could put anything in there.

    edit: I would buy bud with the $5, if nothin else is around
  5. I didn't ask about xanax. If I could get them I would. Here bars go for 5 piece unless you atleast get over 5. They're extremely rare here, and who ever has them in bulk will be dry within days.
  6. Five a piece? Goddamn I'm sorry dude.
  7. Yeah man...That blows. I'd never do bars if they were 5 a piece, i'd have to spend 20$+ to get fucked up. I'd make a killing if I moved to Florida or some other state and sold bars.
  8. I was talking to this kid I know today and he supposidly has TONS of them. His family has had them but he didn't even know their recreational value till about last week. He doesn't care about selling them, even though he doesn't know what they're worth. He's pretty cool, said hes going to bring me a handfull tomorrow. Dunno if it's going to happen, hes always been good to his word but it sounds too good to be true. That would completely make my weekend. The way he made it sound was like he had hundreds.

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