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Homemade oil rig?

Discussion in 'DIY and Homemade' started by SmokeFuckEat561, Nov 24, 2012.

  1. Since im cheap as hell i was wondering if any of you guys have made your own oil rig or have any insight on how one would make one.

  2. I would love to know how to do this as well
  3. Impossible....
  4. There must be some MacGyver stoner willing to take this on.
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    If you buy an adapter, nail, & dome you can just ghetto rig it onto a water bottle or something if you dont own a glass on glass piece. I cant imagine too many healthy ways to make a homemade rig w/o a real attachment. Maybe if you buy a cheap glass nail you can attach it to your bongs downstem or to a homemade bongs downstem lol. Then you might be able to make a foil dome by folding a piece of foil over a few times so its fairly thick.(foils bad to smoke from though FYI, but i dont think it would get hot enough from a glass nail) Then somehow fit that foil piece to your downstem and mold it into a cyclinder shaped dome that fits tight on your downstem. You could roll the foil around something like a highlighter or anything round to get the shape, and then try to mold it onto your homemade. It would be tricky to heat a nail and then put on that foil dome though :D Id suggest just saving some money and buying a cheap rig.
  6. I agree. Someone must accept this challenge.

    ...be the hero
  7. You could go tweaker status and use the light-bulb vape method... but prepare for broken glass. You're better off getting a decent little map gas torch, buying glass tube and making something. Around here they sell glass tubes the size of a cigar with the ends smashed flat like a glass nail. It's an oil pipe, but super super simplified.

    From research I've done and life experience; here's a few things you NEED TO KNOW.

    1. ONLY use, boro/pyrex, quartz, or GRADE 2 titanium
    2. ONLY heat your rig using BUTANE (propane and other types of gas leave chemicals)
    3. Your HEALTH is not worth saving a little bit of money...

    Things to NEVER use with direct flame or excessive heat!
    copper, aluminum, plastic (including GLUE and TAPE

    I can't repeat this enough; I'm speaking from my own personal experience, in addition to the research I've accumulated. Your health is not worth making something cheap and home-made when any serious doctors visit, or even a non serious medical issue without health insurance is going to cost you way more than buying a glass oil rig. I also think people need to stop making shitty BHO and invest in some bubble bags and dry ice. Non-solvent dry ice crumble wax.... best tasting shit you've ever had; and SAFE!

    Educate yourselves, never give up on finding an answer to something you want to know. If there's anything more specific you want to know about, let me know and I can try to help you learn more about it.
  8. You have inspired me, I accept this challenge
  9. Do it!!! Pictures too!!!
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    Should be getting Errls tomm or the next day then ill have the rig up

    Should be mostly parts from broken bongs and shit I can find
  11. I did it! I used a broken bong stem as a nail and the top of a water bottle for a dome. I also made my oil using isopropyl alcohol.

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  12. Sorry about the shitty pics, ill put some better ones up later and show it in action.
  13. I couldn't get a good one of it smoking but it hits pretty nice

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  14. Whole rig

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  15. Dude... no way.... awesome!!!!
  16. Haha thanks man it's pretty legit. Good luck!
  17. You can buy purified 7x filtered butane that has no additives. Everything evaporates when done and leaves no residue or chemicals left behind. The reason regular butane is bad is because companies ad chemicals to the butane to give it a scent that can be smelled if their is a leak or if it's in the air. The stuff is nasty and deff not good for you. But making BHO with purified butane is completely Safe as nothing is left behind but pure oil! Only thing is 95% of the people making BHO do not use the expensive purified butane and settle for the cheaper. I prefere making Hash from mixing kief and oil until the right consistency is met. I use 7x purified butane. Stuff taste and smells great and is so strong it's not advised to smoke often as it will make your tolerance shoot through the roof!!! I do make bubble hash too with bubble bags. Making bubble hash has to be done with material that is loaded with trichomes to get good quality. You can extract descent BHO from strait leaf material with no trichomes and it's still stony as hell! I won't smoke other people's BHO, I just don't trust it!!! If it's poor quality it will reek of butane! Pure butane has no smell!!!

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  18. Use a hookah coal and a bottle with the bottom cut off. Dab off the coal.
  19. o_O


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