Homemade Legit Bamboo Steamroller

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  1. Well, I know I am not the first and I am not the last to do this. (infact, I have made many of them before, this is just the first one I decided to take pics of)

    Luckily I have a bamboo forest in my back yard so I can cut down what ever size bamboo I want and have a new steam roller ready within 20 mins (if I take time to sand it down and schtuff)

    I cut a nice stalk of bamboo down with a rusty saw I found in a ditch one day, then sanded it down with a grinder and sand paper, used a drill to drill a whole for the Metal bowl, and used a metal rod to punch out the bamboo "plates" in the digits or what ever. Anyways, it turned out great and after making some larger and some smaller I think this is the perfect size for our group. (mix of seasoned and newbie blades) It kills the newbs, and perfect for the big dogs of the group. (I prefer a slightly larger steam roller, but that may becouse I have a larger lung capacity then most, this one def does the trick though)

    This metal bowl cost 3$,(took off sleeve and mouth piece) and I can just cut down another piece of bamboo whenever the steam roller starts to smell from being used so much (after a few months)
    here are a bunch of pictures

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  2. looks nice. i never used a steamroller, how smooth do they hit?
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    Very nice, I have a couple of steam rollers, they're nice and a different change of pace occasionally. Nice work!

    EDIT: What are you using for a bowl there? Looks like a socket, but it also kinda looks like a small dry pipe I have.

  4. Haha dude, they're harsh as fuck. But the point is you steamroll all the smoke into your lungs at once, so you can get a big ass hit.
  5. [quote name='"supercampi"']looks nice. i never used a steamroller, how smooth do they hit?[/quote]

    Think about it as a bong rip that wasn't filtered or cooled. They are pretty harsh IMO
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    Yo OP! Make sure you don't smoke that yet. As Bamboo dries it'll shrivel up if you've hollowed it out. Find some PVC pipe that fits snugly inside and leave it until the Bamboo is dry. Otherwise you'll get a shriveled up unsmokable piece. At least that's what happened when we made shot glasses out of bamboo. Started off cool but as the wood dried, the hollow part shriveled up. Just tryna help.
  7. [quote name='"supercampi"']looks nice. i never used a steamroller, how smooth do they hit?[/quote]

    They aren't always harsh, my friend had a HUGE glass steamroller and when I hit it I hardly felt anything. I think the size definitely matters when it comes to how harsh the hit will be. That's just my personal opinion, other factors such as your ability to take a fat rip and how potent the herb is matter a lot too.

    But either way, steamrollers get you high.
    I recommend them the most at parties

  8. Thanks for the post. Yeh I have had experience with bamboo in the past doing that same thing. Unluckily for me, i have about an acre on my land that has turned into a bamboo forest over the last 10 years. I have cured one in the past used it for a few months and it smelt like a giant half burnt dank roach. It ended up breaking. After that I just decided to cut one down and use it for a few weeks and when i have 5 minutes go cut down another
  9. And yeah i had completly forgot I made this thread. My bad guys I didn't reply if yall are re reading.

    So yeah, steam rollers really arent that harsh in my experience. 2legit2quit is right

    This piece has been a big hit (no pun intended) in one of the circles I frequent. they had never really hit a steamroller. (Unfortunatly they are mostly blunt smokers for some reason)

    If you have access to bamboo (and a 3$ metal dry pipe dawill1967 from a gas station) its a really quick way to make a bad ass piece, even if you chunk it after it starts to smell
  10. Why not plug the the bottom of the steam roller... get a screw cap for the stem of your bowl. Cut slits into the stem only on the bottom of the stem. Stand up your steam roller and use it as an inline bong. The whole process could be done in about 20 minutes with a drill (or dremel) and maybe a small amount of epoxy or hot glue for leaks.
  11. I also have a homemade bamboo steamroller but mines dry. I'm planning on selling making and selling them.
  12. Also I just realized HelpDesk was banned, that's fucking awesome. He was a douche and he will not be missed. (hope it's perma)
  13. I have made one that has a glass bowl piece but bamboo chamber and I recently had some friends From Hawaii tell me that it is toxic or has carcinogens or something along those lines, does anybody know anything about this?
  14. I wish I hadn't chopped down the bamboo in front of my house when I was 10. Could've made a sick ass 'roller. Now I'm stuck with paper-towel rolls haha.

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